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Our travels - 2006

On these pages I will deal with two of my hobbies and passions.
I like to travel and I like to take pictures and visiting all those places, I see many visiting people doing just the same things, travelling, visiting and taking photographs or movies.

I already have a travel page, listing most of the places my family and I have visited, but on these following pages I will try to list them in a more chronological order.

I have many photographs and I have visited many, many other places that I can't at this stage anyway, categorise.

Come, enjoy our journeys.

In 2006 we were again very blessed by Our Almighty God, that we could have a couple of very nice and enjoyable trips.

During June we taken a few days 'holiday' in Fiji.

Later that year we traveled to Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia

on our way and back Europe,

where we had an extensive tour of the counries listed below and we were also blessed enough to be able to attend in Budapest the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of our 1956 Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight, which unfortunately turned into a sorrowful debacle by the than ruling regime. You may recall the pictures of the police brutality, etc.

After our arrival from Kuala Lumpur to London, L. - Buses, L. - Light Rail, L. - Tube and a few days of local sightseeing we also visited some other major towns and cities including Doncaster, York, Leeds, L. Buses, Bradford, Crew, Stafford, Birmingham, Worcester, Bristol, Salisbury, Southampton in England

from where we took the Eurostar train to Paris, where we spent a day or two and using the P. - Buses, P. - Metro, while in the city and before visiting Versailles, V. - Buses, Trianon, Le Mans, Nantes, N. - Buses, N. - Trams, Bordeaux, B. - Buses, B. - Trams, Toulouse, Avignon, A. - TVG, Valenciennes, V. - Buses, V. - Trams, and using various French Buses, F. - TGV Trains, F. - Trains, in France

From where we went to visit Brussels, Antwerp, Gent or Ghent, G. - Buses, G. - Trams and the Belgian Trains in Belgium

It was Luxembourg's turn by the Luxembourg Trains in Luxembourg

Then Amsterdam, by Dutch Trains, The Hague, Arnhem and Rotterdam in The Netherlands

than Duisburg, Monchengladbach, Aachen, Tier, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Regensburg, and Passau sometimes using the City Night Line, German I.C.E. Trains, G. - I.C.E. Trains 2, G. - Trains, and G. - Trams in Germany

before going to Vienna for a day or two visiting the Vienna 1956 Hungarian Revolution Exhibition, V. - Museum, and using the V. - Buses, V. - Trains, and the V. - Trams and exploring Wiener Neustadt, and using the W. N. - Trains in Austria where we shall return later.

From Wiener Neustadt we caught our train to Sopron, Kapuvár, Györ, Budapest, Budapest 2006, Budafók, Budakeszi, Budapest HÉV, B. - Metro, B. - Trains, B. - Trams, B, - Trolleybuses, B. - Kispest, B. - New Trams, B. - Óbuda, B. - Újpest, Cardinal József Mindszenty 2006, Cardinal József Mindszenty and traveled around to other interesting places in the country Felsõpetény Berkenye, Rétság, Bánk, Bánki tó, Bánk Trains, Nográd Velencei tó, Dunaújváros, D. - Buses, D. - Trains, Tiszafüred Hódmezõvásárhely H. - Buses Cegléd, Csongrád, Érd, Gárdony, Pákozd, P. - Don Kanyar Kápolna, P. - Horthy István Memorial, P. - Horthy Memorial,
P. - Memorials - P. - Memorial Museum, Bugyi, Gödöllõ, Kakaszék, Máriabesnyõ, Márianosztra, Karácsond, Orosháza, Simontornya, Kiskunfélegyháza, Kiskunhalas, Kiskunmajsa, 1956 Memorial Museum, 1956 Memorial Chapel, Pusztaszabolcs, Karcag, Pusztaszer, Szentes, Vác, V. - Buses, V. - Trains, Kisbér,
Saint Stephen of Hungary, Saint Stephen Basilica, Ártánd, Aszód, Szekszárd, Szerencs, Sz. - Trains, Hungary - Trains, in Hungary

and most importantly the events of the 50th Anniversary Remembrance of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution/Freedom Fight and the well documented atrocities committed by the authorities during these solemn occasions.
1956 Freedom Fight's 50th Anniversary Celebrations - Index

Here are some of the facts, courtesy YouTube, many thanks

New Budapest Demonstration - October 23 Police Brutality 2

and another one

23 October 2006 Budapest

During our stay in Hungary we have taken a few days excursion to Kiev, K. - Churches, K. - Buses, Crimea, Simferopol, S. - Churches, S. - Buses, S. - Trains, S. - Trolleybuses, Yalta, Y. - Buses, Y. - Conference, Y. - Swallow's Nest in the Ukraine

Before we left Hungary for Saint Michael, St. M. - Buses, Klagenfurt, K. - Buses, Villach, V. - Buses, Austria Trains in Austria

Then we were off to Udine, U. - Buses, Venice, Padova, P. - Translohr Villa San Giovanni Ferry Terminal, Palermo, Italian Eurostar, I. - Trains, Italy - Sicily Ferry, Messina, M. - Buses, M. - Ferry Terminal, M. - Trams, Civitavecchia, Salerno, Piombino, Pisa, Pompeii, Rimini, Sorrento, The Vatican, The Vatican Hill, Rome, R. - Buses, R. - Trams, R. - International Airport, in Italy

where we boarded our plane back to Kuala Lumpur, KLIA Express Model, KL Buses, KL International Airport, KL Metro, KL Monorail in Malaysia

then back to home, Auckland.

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