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Italy facts & history in brief

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Rimini is a city in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, population 135,034 (May 2005) and capital city of the Rimini Province.
It is located on the Adriatic Sea and, together with Riccione, is probably the most famous seaside resort on the Adriatic Riviera, among Italians.

Rimini's history begins at the beach.
Up to 800,000 years ago, primitive man lived in the coastal area as far back as the hillside of Covignano.
From prehistoric times, the road to civilisation passed through the main evolutionary stages, taking Rimini to the forefront of the Roman era.

In 268 B.C. at the mouth of the Ariminus river, in an area that had previously been inhabited by the Etruscans, the Umbrians, the Greeks and the Gauls, the Romans founded the colony of Ariminum, probably from the name of a nearby river, Ariminus (today, Marecchia).
It was seen as a bastion against invading Gaul and also as a springboard for conquering the Padana plain.
Rimini was a road junction connecting central Italy (Via Flaminia) and northern Italy (Via Aemilia and Via Popilia) and it also opened up trade by sea and river.

The city was involved in the civil wars but remained faithful to the popular party and to its leaders, firstly Marius and then Caesar.
After crossing the Rubicon, the latter made his legendary appeal to the legions in the Forum of Rimini.

Rimini, which drew the attention of many emperors, Augustus and Hadrian in particular, was experiencing a great period in its history, embodied by the construction of prestigious monuments such as the Arch of Augustus, Tiberius' Bridge and the Amphitheatre.

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During 1978, Sarolta, my daughter and I had a fairly extensive look around in Italy, many of it's cities, architectural, monumental, artistic and natural treasures.

We did enjoy our tripping around.

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