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Bánk is a village a short distance from Rétság, about 55 km north of Budapest near the E77 European main road, halfway between Vác and Balassagyarmat, in the Rétság district, Nográd county, northern Hungary.
The pictorial setting and naturally endowed locality has the 7-hectare Lake Bánk, a very much liked holiday destination, looking back on a thousand-year old history, where Hungarians, Slovaks, Catholics and Protestants (Mainly Lutherans) live in relative peace.
There is a Slovak nationality festival every summer.
With a permanent population of less than a thousand, Bánk's main attractions are weekend, holiday resort, Lake Bánk with its beaches fishing, water-stage, seasonal amenities, like restaurants, festivals etc.
The Slovakian Ethnic Minority and Educational Centre are also located in the village.

Population: 710 (2001)
Postal code: 35
Area code: 2653

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Bánk Bánk Bánk
Bánk Bánk

Bánki tó - Lake Bánk

Lake Bánk about 4 metres deep on the average and covers about seven hectares.
In summer the lake attracts a large number of people picnicking, bathing, sunbathing, fishing and rowing.
The lake, the village and its surroundings host a wide variety of cultural events, such as concerts, open air theatre and pop concerts. In winter skating and fishing through ice holes can be enjoyed on the lake.
Bánk has good road and train services to the capital and elsewhere.

Bánki tó - Lake Bánk Bánki tó - Lake Bánk Bánki tó - Lake Bánk Bánki tó - Lake Bánk
Bánki tó - Lake Bánk Bánki tó - Lake Bánk Bánki tó - Lake Bánk Bánki tó - Lake Bánk
Bánki tó - Lake Bánk Bánki tó - Lake Bánk Bánki tó - Lake Bánk

Bánk Trains 2005

Bánk Trains Bánk Trains

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