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Györ is one of the larger cities, northwest corner of Hungary, at the confluence of the Rába and Danube rivers, near the Slovak and Austrian border.

Györ was a Roman military outpost called Arabona until the 4th century and was later destroyed.

In the early 9th C. the Hungarians built a strong fortifications and Györ grew around the fortress.
Györ became an episcopal see in 1001.

During the Turkish invasion the fortifications many times repelled the invading forces in the 17th C.

In 1743 Györ was made a royal free town.

In 1849, the Austrians forces decisively defeated the Hungarian revolutionary armies around here.

The city's location, about midway between Budapest and Vienna makes the city an important road, rail and river communications centre.

Györ is a county administrative center, and a leading industrial city, manufacturing diesel engines, automotive parts, furniture, and has extensive engineering works and textile plants.

Györ is a very attractive city with many beautiful buildings, and landmarks including the 12th C. Cathedral, the Bishop's Palace, and several impressive monuments and baroque houses from the 17th and 18th cent.

Present-day population is estimated around 150,000.

Hui Chin and I returned to Györ a number of times now, because its beauty and friendly people.

We also like our hotel accommodating at the "Hotel Szárnyaskerék" (Hotel Winged-wheels), which is simple, very affordable and very handy being just across the road from the Railway Station.

Also like to hire our car from Ottó Horváth (Fötaxi, Györ, car rental), Árpád útca 53, Ph (Mobile) 06-20-380-126.
The Suzuki Swift he hired us in 2000 with only 2000 km on the clock was a real beauty. His all inclusive prices very attractive.
In 2003 of course we went back to him again, this time although it was a similar car, wasn't the gutsy near new one as previously.
We shall return.


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