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Signs of Intelligent Life

On this/these page/s a quantum number of subjects will be discussed.
They will reflect some of my thinking - thoughts so to speak on a number of my pet subjects.
Some of them I hope will be thought provoking, logical and I hope intelligent.

I, the purveyor of this/these here page/s reserve the right to purge anything according to my whim!
Free speech is guaranteed to all, but I reserve the right to censure it as I see it fit!
Now, that should be perfectly clear and intelligent enough.
Yeah, right!
So let it rip, let's have some fun. The sky (my whim) is the limit.

Categories; Here I have a few categories, subjects, etc.
I am sure it will grow.
Just watch it!

According to some wits, the invention of this, here little wheel set us free to life as we know it today.
That was one hell of an intelligent thing to do and it separated us humans from our animal (Especially our primate) brothers and sisters and brought us out of the jungle.

But then again, there's a school of thought, that summarises, I heard that say, that some other intelligent twit too bored with everyday life or just wanted to experiment around, chucked that wheel shaped hunk of stone away, somewhere the other side the Milky Way (Tejút) and thought it maybe the next best thing to a boomerang and even now, hundreds of light years later still waiting for it to return.
Meanwhile this little hunk of stone (Wheel) came to earth as a glowing UFO hit one my very distant Great,..Great,.. Great,........Grandpeppi on the head and he immediately seen stars, milky ways, galaxies, tejútakat, and black holes and he realised this here 'holey' hunk of stone will be called a 'wheel' and he could use it to travel over muddy black holes, etc.
Someday may even be used on 'bullettrains', shinkansens etc.
Yeh. I think you got the picture.
* By the way, that intelligent, handsome looking chap at the top of the page is my ...Great ...Great...Great....... Grandpeppi.
That picture was taken after the 'wheel' hit him on the head.
He did look a bit better before that UFO or 'wheel' 'attack'. Shhhh, the jury still out on this.
More soon.

Here's some 'homebrewed' nostalgia for you.
Remember the 'Flintstones' and Fred's gorgous jalopy, - machinery on 'wheels'.
They don't make cars like they used to!!!
Our progress, civilisation depended on those good wheells. Yes siry.

More soon.

I see in the news, some of our fellow earthlings went into some clandestine nuclear 'messing about', until some keen eyed scientist seen satelite pictures of their clandestine business hidden in some remote hills.
Remember in our days the 'walls' had ears, now the our skies have eyes.

More soon.

I see my wife making something, she's always up to something.
Well, it looked like some kind of dough and she was beating the h..l out of it, folding, bashing etc., than she suddenly announced, she'll take fifteen minutes rest while the dough 'will have rest', they both had a rest in fact, they probably both needed it.
Fancy that, some fancy dough needing a good bashing and a good rest afterwards.

More soon.

Talking about that dough getting a one hell of beating and a good rest afterwards.
I recall, somedays ago my dear little wify beating the h..l out of some meat and instead of a good rest she put the 'well beaten' meat to cook in a dish.
I reckon everybody and everything deserves a good rest after a good beating.
I will have to start a protest going for 'equal rights' dough and meat alike.

More soon.

Intelligent blog for intelligent people - Just add water.
More soon.

Mohács and present day Hungary.
The Turks at that time and few decades before and after were on the warpath to conquer and subjugate and to expend their empire (Sultanate if I can call that).
They conquered the Balkans and some other territories and had a few battles with the Hungarians. More soon.

Human history is indeed full of atrocities.
More soon.

From where I stand, the human heart is not made for atrocity - not mine, anyway.
More soon.

My thoughts about 1956-2006.
I’ve been deeply impacted by the remembrance of the 1956 revolution.

More soon.

Antichrist 15yrs sleepless night BBC - no hands up.
More soon.

Baby talk - I'm wondering whether my mum and I communicated in Mandarin, as all kids use an language that only they and their mum can understand.
Mandarin is the most spoken by language.
More soon.

Bin Laden - USA conspiracy. - Somewhere I read a story, that Mr Bush and Mr Bin Laden where discussing some deal about some Afghanistan oil concession.
They couldn't agree and had an angry fallout and promised to destroy each other.
Remember 9/11 etc. or is it just mischief making?
More soon.

Chinese furniture - Silk Road - spies - reverse engineers.
There's aschool of thought going around, but mainly in my head, that, that Silk Road was used for trade between the far east and the not so far west, but there was some other mischief going around as well.
Just have a quick decko at that common garden variaty of table and chairs, - now, I am very fond of most things Chinese, including their furniture - but why they have to be so different.
I also like to find out which is the different, the straight legged western model or the nice curly Chinese ones.
With my vivid and fertile imagination I could visulise a few little Chinese men carrying some of those tables and chairs, went into their backrooms, located of course semi underground, between the 'Silk Mills' and the 'Terracota Army'. where they 'reverse engineered' those tables and chairs and everything else you can think of, to look different and more pleasing to the eye as well.
More soon.

Conditioning to hate a bogie man.
Belief get a bogie man.
More soon.

Creation - Religion vs science - Have more unanswered questions than answers, over the 1000s years most humans, most races had some beliefs, some supernatural being, some religion.
They created awesome temples, churches, monuments etc to the Glory of God, or call it what ever you like, Buddha or Yahweh.
As they say - you can fool some people some time, but not all the people - all the time.
Let's look at some numbers.
There were much more people contributing to praise God and building churches, temples, pagodas, than there are trying to disprove God's existence.
As far as I and millions of others concerned the majority runs with the ball.
More soon.

Empires - It was the sign of the times - really the rule of the jungle rejigged for humans.
The strong will rule the weak or defenseless.
More soon.

Dictatorships - Need the "Driver" and reliable accomplice/s, who relish the opportunity to dish out terror and misery.
When dictator dies, always, well most of the times anyway there's someone to carry on, but sometimes the ........... the follower have a human face, eg. Soviet Union.
More soon.

Flat earth - Ah, wouldn't it be great, if someone could be dumping the idiots off at the end.
Any volunteers? I can think of many candidates!
Huh, Huh, just kidding!
More soon.

Global warming - What makes us think we can predict and/or influence Global warming?
We had many instances of Ice Ages.
Between those Ice Ages we had just as many global warmings.
Of course there are many humanly uncontrollable phenomena that can effect the global whether, such as the eruption of Krakatoa in ...... which effected the global whether for over ......? three years.
According records they were growing wine in England at the beginning of the 20th century.
That Global Warming have already created a very large and will create an enormous bureaucracy.
.............Flat white...........
Now, don't misunderstand me, I am not a scientist and I never had a crystal ball.
I just went through my schooling and learnt about Ice Ages, the dinosaurs disappearance, Krakatoa and that most scientist are in a tunnel looking for the light or the end of the tunnel.
More soon.

Humans are evil - Man's hatred for each other - Once I attended a Catholic Mass in Awaroa, Rarotonga and I was awestruck by the basic truth of the celebrant's sermon.
I can only remember the outline part of his sermon and that it struck me as absolutely true and I couldn't get it out of my mind ever since.
It went something like this. Humans are born evil, most cultures or shall we brave and say all cultures trying to counteract this with their respective religions, trying to teach us what is good and what is not and how we should live our lives and with our 'neighbours' or other humans.
We only have look at the successions of wars, murders etc. the world over, that is going on all the time, without much respite.
Much more soon.

Is man emotional animal?
More soon.

Where's the hair gone from the top of my head? - gravity moved to it somewhere further down, like my nose, ears etc?

Now this one is one of my old ideas, well actually it probably goes back more than 20 years when I first noticed, that as my hair was getting thinner on top of my head and most of the missing stock reappeared other places, like my nose, ears and many other places.
So looking for an explanation I soon realised, that gravity was at work.
Soon I also realised that testosterone did not have any anti-gravity properties, while oestrogen do have some!!!.

Are there other intelligent beings out there - Now here we have an enormous dilemma;
1. Why should there be?
2. Do we have any reason or sign, to think or suspect that someone is out there?
3. Do we need them out there?
4. I think, we doing fine, loving and killing each other, without any outsiders' help!
5. Is there any other intelligent beings, civilisations in the universe?
6. Are they similarly under developed as us, that can't communicate or can't understand the communications, or signs?
7. Or are they doing fine, trying to communicate with us, but we can't understand them, or they don't know how to communicate with us?
8. Do we want them to be our empire?
9. Do we want to tax them?
The first correct answer will get the $64,000.
Well, probably more.

Pet hates - I'll be brave and stand up and admit it, that I have some pet hates, - well quiet a few really.
You know, uh what they called? Uh, we shall call them uh, Giga Hard, yeah GH.
Make a mistake in the address line and you end up in their clutches. Well they give you a few suggestions, usually loaded with ones that pay them. But that's not all, look in your 'Temporary Internet Files' or 'Cookies', they left their (bird) droppings there.
Yes, they not only watching where you are visiting, but also another click on their hit counters so they can charge more for the advertisers.
And another step to try to establish a pattern of your visits so they can target your searches, which is helping you some extent some time, but helping 'them' all the time by increased profits.
You know? Some of these corporations and their bosses are so rich, that the interest on their wealth could practically make poverty history.
They are extremely greedy too.
I have seen many countries now to buckle under a very strict copyright laws, mainly driven by these very few and very rich corporations and their greedy bosses.
Now please do not misunderstand me, I am not against wealth or wealthy businesses or wealthy persons and not against copyright as such.
I am a firm believer of rewarding intelligence, creativeness, excellence, practicality and a proper reward for it/them.

Than there is a movement afoot as we speak, their thinking are more aligned with my thinking and I hope their perseverance will see them last the distance and that in the end they will conquer.
They are the Open Source fellows and their fellow travelers.
Irfan of IrfanView, a very clever graphic file managing software, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Red Hat and other Linux, Mozilla, Open Office and many, many more, good on you people, I like that, let creativeness and 'free' enterprise freely prevail.
Long live creativeness and 'free' enterprise.

More soon.

Ram corrosion.
More soon.

Terrorism - WWI etc.
Did it all start in Sarajevo.
Or our Middle Age, kings and queens and some other famous people (Borgia's), that poisoned each other.
Or, near our beginning, Cain and Abel.
Did I hear it said, that there's nothing new under the sun.
More soon.

I am initialising a virtual class of all the eminent thinkers - I will invite them all, the Greek, Roman and later day thinkers, philosophers, innovators, explorers etc., who contributed so much to our civilisation to join my exclusive club. - Entry is free for a limited time only, all C.Vs will be double checked.
More soon.

WWII bombing of cities and innocent civilians did not achieve surrender etc., of course excepting Hiroshima & Nagasaki, but of course it was a barbaric sacrifice of thousands of innocent civilians, including kids and babies of all ages, even the unborn.
More soon.

Peace is not in America's interest - Friends and foes keep the industries going.
Manufacturing enormous amount of weapons etc and than send the boys to war to use it.
Pentagon covers 583 acres (2 km²), (Floor area 616,540 m²) employing, over 26,000 people inside it and a huge number at other places, just think of number of unemployed.
Remember? Allies - Enemies - Friends - Russia, Afghanistan, Iran, Contra, Panama etc.
More soon.

"Capitalism operates to the benefit of all those who choose to be active in the productive process, whatever their level of ability.
But it is not geared to the demands of stagnation.
Neither is reality." Quote from Ayn Rand's in "The Virtue of Selfishness."

"You got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there." --Yogi Berra

"Today there is an especially virulent form of corruption induced by overly rigid systems.
This new corruption, in service to the 'system's imperative,' is nonresponsiveness to constituent needs.
A second form of corruption is the shocking waste of time and talent poured into beating the system." Quote from Tom Peters, "Thriving on Chaos"

"All I want to know is where I'm going to die so I'll never go there." -- Quote by WEB

Eternity's silence - A Black Hole's sound.
Much more to come.

Until testosterone is genetically changed, wars will be waged.
Much more to come.

In every community, there's work to be done.
In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it.
- Marianne Williamson.

Extreme cold North and here we are looking at the wrong side of mirror.
Much more to come.

We, the people living in the Southern Hemisphere should have an equal opportunity with the Northern Hemispherians and have our South Pole at the top of the page.
Some more to come.

Some scientist challenging the Creation and inventing theories like Big Bangs, Black Holes etc.
I can confirm that a Black Hole exist and it is at my place.
All my things that, I ever put in a 'place', I'll easily remember, disappeared in that Black hole in my place.
Some more to come.

Why we all hate politicians - they always lie and screw you for your money and you can't screw them.
Some more to come.

Penguins walking evolved long before humans started monekying around.
Some more to come.

Windows like junk food, bad for you, but convenient and taste good.
Some more to come.

'Freedom of choice' is one of the first thing to go in the authoritarian states, but conditions could be better for many of the citizens in many existing or defunct communist or other authorittarian regimes.

"Space exploration" is it really our first steps towards 'Space exploitation', it happened for centuries before hand in Africa and the World over.
More soon.

On December 9, 2006, our local paper printed an article under the heading Black hole eats star 4 billion light-years away.
A giant black hole displaying horrifying table manners has been caught in the act of guzzling a star in a galaxy four billion light-years away.
The article caught my attention, because for years I knew about that Black hole or a Black hole, that wasn't 4 billion light-years away, but somewhere right beside me constantly and devours anything and everything for ever, when I put things, where I can easily find them later, or whenever I want to find it/them quickly.

I'm pretty sure, you might have one too.
I've never managed to find any of those things, not ever.

"When you on a road with a fork on it, take it." --Yogi Berra

You don't find any blind paraglider, their dogs are scarred out of their wits.
More soon

There's no atheists in a foxhole.
More soon.

This page is under constant growth. Watch it expand and develop.

I've borrowed this video and dialogue from YouTube.com. Webmaster

Signs of Intelligent Life

"This is a rough draft of a video I'm going to release on my website.
Please rate and comment on how to improve it.
Thank you " reelverse"

"A 17th century illustration of the Copernican model of heliocentric universe."
(Picture to come, shortly as many others.)

The Regnum Marianum Church - Budapest - Hungary

After the disastrous Trianon Dictatum, where 2/3 of the over 1000 year old historical territory of Hungary was awarded to the neighbouring states, a church's foundations were laid in 1925 to the glory of Virgin Mary, who was the Queen of Hungary since Saint Stephen, Hungary's first King bequeathed Hungary to the Most Holy Mother of Jesus.

The church was dedicated in 1931 and was called Magna Domina Hungarorum (Hungarian's Great Queen), but popularly was known as Regnum Marianum (Mary's Country) after the initiating organisation.

In 1951, the church was blown up at the communist leader, Rákosi's order and a huge statue of Stalin was built nearby.

The statue was cut down and dragged to the centre of Budapest in the first few hours of the 1956 Hungarian Freedom fight.

Many efforts were made after the fall of communism to rebuild the church without much success.

Over the years I wondered many times, why it never happened.

Recently my wife, Hui Chin and I visited Russia and Moscow in particular, where we witnessed a number of churches and religious institutions were rebuilt after their communist destruction.

Although I don't remember ever seeing the original church, I would like to see the rebuilt church.

I decided that I will try to do something about it.

I will accept anybody's advice and contribution to this great cause and in case of any contribution I will open charitable Bank Account in Budapest.

God Bless You All.

The late Pope John Paul once said the 'the rebuilding of the Regnum Marianum would be a great resurrection of the Catholic Church in Hungary and the Hungarian nation'.

I'm Hungarian born, but lived in New Zealand for over fifty years (Refugee) now.
My pages on this site are in English for the wider audience and also now days I find it easier to write in English, but for my fellow countryman's sake I will write a few lines about the church and my project here.

A Regnum Marianum (magyarul - Mária Országa) templomot 1951-ben Rákosi rendeletére felrobbantoták.
Hivatalos neve Magna Domina Hungarorum, azaz Magyarok Nagyasszonya volt, népszerübb nevét az építést kezdeményezõ Regnum Marianum szervezetröl kapta.

A templom a botrányos Trianon béke diktátum útán lett tervezve és épitkezése 1925-ben kezdödött, az alapkõ lerakásával Kotsis Iván tervei szerint a Városliget szélén, a Dózsa György úton.
A templom 1820 m², a jeruzsálemi Szent Sír templomára hasonló volt.
A templom kupolája a Szent Koronára emlékeztetett.
A templomot 1951-ben Rákosi rendeletére felrobbantották Sztálin születésnapjára szánt ajándékként és Sztálin nagy szobrát helyezték a közelébe.

1956os Forradalom elsõ óráiban a Szabadságharcosok a szobort ledöntöték és a város közepébe huzataták.

A Szabadságharc leverése útán egy Tanács Köztársaság emlékmüt épitettek a helyére.

2000 óta egy egyszerű fakereszt jelzi a volt templom helyét, amit azóta egyszer levágtak de két nap mulva egy újat helyeztek helyére.

Az elmúlt években sokan kezdeményezték a templom újra felépitését, pénzzel, idõvel és néhányan nagy fáradsággal, a Püspöki Kar és a Főpolgármester ellenzéke ellenére.

Én feleségemmel 2007-ben jártam Oroszországban és Moszkvába is, ahol látunk több újra felépitett templomt és más valásos intézményt

S most honfias létemre azt kérdezem miért nem tudjuk mi, Magyarok is ezt a templomt újra felépiteni?

Én szeretnék ebben segiteni.

Én nem láttam az eredeti templomot, de szeretném a újra felépitett templomot látni.

Minden ötletett és adományt szerettel és hálásan elfogadok ebben az ügyben.

Adományok befolyása esetén egy Adómányos Bank számlát fogok nyitni Budapesten.

II. János Pál pápa szerint a Regnum Marianum újjáépítése jelképe lesz a magyar egyház és a magyar nemzet feltámadásának.

A short film about a speech on Kossuth Square, Budapest on 19-10-2006, about church's rebuilding, in Hungarian.
Rövid film egy Kossúth téri beszéd a templom újjá épitéséröl 2006.10.19.
(My grateful thanks to YouTube)

(Click here to download mp4 version 6.64mb - Mentés itt)

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