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József Prince-Primate Cardinal Mindszenty pilgrimage - 2006

The Late József Prince-Primate Cardinal Mindszenty

On the outskirts of Felsõpetény is the Almássy Manor-house with a large garden (Protected), beside the Lókos stream.

The Manor-house, a foster home at present, but became infamous when the communist regime of Hungary, put József Prince-Primate Cardinal Mindszenty under house arrest here from the 2nd of November 1954, until 30th October 1956, the fourth day of the Hungarian Revolution, when he was released by the local soldiers and residents and rushed to Budapest.

During this time the József Prince-Primate Cardinal Mindszenty was freed from prison, but was under house arrest and closely guarded.

The heavily armed guards and Russian tanks around were explained to the residents, as the building being used for Atomic research, although some knew better.

The local residents were demonstrating for his release soon after the Revolution broke out, front of the Manor-house.

Today there is a plaque on the front of the building commemorating the József Prince-Primate Cardinal Mindszenty's imprisonment.

There is a Remembrance held outside every anniversary day.

Postal code: 2611
Calling code: 35

Hui Chin and I came back to Felsõpetény as a pilgrimage, where my greatly admired and respected József Prince-Primate Cardinal Mindszenty was imprisoned as 'under house arrest' and closely guarded for nearly two years. My brother, Endre was kind enough to run us up here one day and I thank him for that.
Hui Chin and I visited Felsõpetény and the late József Prince-Primate Cardinal Mindszenty's 'prison' the previous year and taken many pictures, but unfortunately a 'low-life' thief stolen my camera in Brasso, Romania with a great many photos included.
The kind people running the orphanage were kind enough to let us visit the József Prince-Primate Cardinal Mindszenty's previous quarters and take some photographs, which again didn't turn out the best, or not many turned out, or the most interesting or wanted ones didn't turn out as usual.
We have taken some more photos of the township as well and you can see them here.

You can click on these photos for an enlargement.

Felsõpetény Revisited Felsõpetény Revisited Felsõpetény Revisited Felsõpetény Revisited
Felsõpetény Revisited Felsõpetény Revisited Felsõpetény Revisited Felsõpetény Revisited

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