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Northern Hungary

Kakaszék is a small hamlet about 7 km southeast of Orosháza.

The hamlet has a health resort, (Kakaszéki Gyógyintézet) known for its curative properties for relief for athrithis, rheumatism and other bone and muscular ailments.

Apart from driving past the sign and taking a few photos in the hamlet, including sanatorium, most of my photos gone with my cameras and I am unable to find out much more about the little place.

Endre, my brother pointed out the sign, driving past, as it is a rather funny Hungarian name. ('Kaka' is a old Hungarian word, Mums use for children's' stool and 'szék' means chair or seat).

I let you work it out.

Unfortunately I do not have many of my photos left, although we had four cameras between us and we taken many, many photos wherever we went, two of my cameras, with large, 512 MB SD Cards and many thousands of photos on them with my valet and money, were stolen from my bag, later into our trip, by some 'lowlife'.


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