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City Night Line


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City Night Line

The CityNightLine operates on a high-speed route between Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.
Traveling on this train is a breeze as you pass through such prominent cities as Zurich, Vienna, Hamburg, Hannover, Amsterdam, Dresden and Berlin.
Passengers can choose from a variety of accommodations as they spend an enjoyable and memorable evening on this night train.
Numerous on-board services are provided to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Fares include the price of the ticket and the reservation.
Reservations are mandatory at the time of booking.

The CityNightLine operates between the following cities with travel times indicated:
Zurich - Berlin: 12h
Zurich - Dresden: 12h 27min
Zurich - Hamburg: 12h 37min
Zurich - Hannover: 10h 17min
Salzburg - Frankfurt: 6h
Vienna - Koeln: 12h 18min

Deluxe Sleepers: Roomy cabins with wash cabin, wash-basin, shower (includes towels and soap) and mirror cabinet, table with chair (can be used without folding the bed). Panorama window with Venetian blinds.
Single: 1 berth cabin

Economy Sleepers: Cabins with wash-basin and mirror cabinet, without wash cabin or shower. On CityNightLine trains to Berlin and Hamburg, a shower with towels for all economy travelers is provided in the sleeping car.
Single: 1 berth cabin
T4: 4 berth cabin

Reclining seats: Reclining seats, individually controlled reading light built into the headrest, seating/sleeping area at a higher level than the centre aisle.

On-Board Services:

Welcome drink in the Deluxe Sleepers.
Breakfast is included in all sleepers and delivered to the compartment/seat.
Restaurant (full-service) is open until 2:00 am and Bistro (self-service) is open all night.
All CityNightLine trains include a bar car and a lounge car. For a snack or quick meal, 18 seats are offered around 6 tables. Tables may be booked: Tel: ++41 1 247 75 22 (Monday – Friday 08.30 a.m. – 04.00 p.m.), Fax: ++41 1 247 75 24 (Monday – Friday 08.30 a.m. 04.00 p.m.)
Crew members are present all night in the bar and lounge car. Travelers in sleepers and couchettes will get a wake up call provided by the crew.
Cabin doors can be locked (sleeping car and couchettes)
All corridors in the sleeping cars are under close-circuit television surveillance for security.
All the cars are fully air-conditioned.
All the cars are non-smoking. The bar area in the lounge car is the only area of the train where smoking is allowed.
There are at least two toilets and washbasins in each coach.

I like trains and have seen many, many trains in real life and in publications, but I have never laid my eyes on the "Night City Line"until on our way from Basel to Berlin to look for the new Maglev train service from Berlin to Dresden.

Unfortunately, I was misinformed. I have seen an article on the Internet, that the service supposed to have started regular service in early October, but in fact it never existed.

Anyway, back to the "Night City Line", which we had difficulty getting on, because it is always over booked. We were lucky enough to get two reclining seats in the end. Two guys came on the train at different stations later on, looking for their seats, our ones. We did pay, we got our tickets, we got our seats, but as I've already mentioned, we were told that seats are always double/triple/multiple booked. We kept cool, kept our seat, on the basis, that we have paid, we had our tickets and we had our seats, first come first served. Poor fellahs, you got my sympathies. The Conductor did manage to find places for them, I believe. For the rest of the journey Hui Chin and I wouldn't dare to leave our seat/bed.

You would have to see the seat/beds on these trains, like something out of the "Star Trek" series. Beautiful Experience.

There were a some big parties going on on the train in the Bars and Restaurants, I suppose those people partying around did not really need a seat/bed in the sleeping quarters.

The reclining seats and small apartments on this train are out of dreamland.

An unforgettable experience.

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City Night Line City Night Line City Night Line
City Night Line City Night Line City Night Line

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