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Sopron is a beautiful city, in western Hungary.

Sopron and it's district was the only place that voted to return to Hungary, after the Trianon Treaty awarded Sopron and it's environs to Austria.

God Bless Sopron and her wise and patriotic people!!!

I would like to salute and pay tribute to the people of Sopron!!!

In 2003 Hui Chin and I missed our train from Linz, Austria to Györ (Hungary) by 2 minutes.
After some thinking and enquiries we found out that, if we can get from one Vienna station to another one quickly enough, we can go to Sopron (Hungary), that night.
Hui Chin was desperate to get to Hungary and nice food, after travelling around Europe by rail for nearly four weeks.
We did get to Vienna and we smartly changed stations, just to see our train slip away under our nose, after waiting about ten minutes for it.
While we sat at one end of the platform, the train stopped at the other end.
Without us realising it was our train, the departing train changed tracks half way along the platform, hence stopping at the other end and going without us.
I rushed back to the station's Information Office for further instructions and was told that there was a train to Wiener Neustadt, near Sopron, just about right now.
We were desperate, but I was nearly 2 minutes from the departing train.
We managed to catch the train this time.
On the way to the train I saw a small board and managed to translate enough German to understand the warning on the board about the Sopron train departing from the far end of the Platform.
On the train I tried to ask the conductor to get the Station Master to put the warning in English and Hungarian, so people like us can see it more easily. (The train was going to Hungary, so there would be Hungarians travelling on it.)
To our amazement the Conductor offered to drop us off at Sopron, as he was driving home to a town in Austria not far from Sopron.

Hui Chin and I will never forget Erwin R's spontaneous generosity.


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Sopron Sopron Sopron Sopron
Sopron Sopron Sopron Sopron


Sopron Sopron Sopron Sopron
Sopron Sopron Sopron Sopron

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