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Kispest forms the largest part of district XIX (Hungarian: XIX. kerület) of Budapest, Hungary.
Kispest's inhabited history predates the Hungarian settlers and Sarmata and Avar .
The whole settlement was destroyed during the Mongol invasion.
The next few centuries it was used as a royal hunting ground.
In 1723 Antal Grassalkovich bought the Szentlorinc hamlett, a small chapel and the Gloriett the only survivors from this era.
After the Grassalkovich family died out, the place often changed hands.
In the 1850s a Belgian Bank subdivided the area.
Károly Herich engineer, Ministerial aid, József Egger engineer, and Lajos Rózsa barrister bought the subdivision and they sold it in 1869 as Colonie-Klein-Pest at an enormous profit.
In 1871 the Kispest village was established when it broke away from Vecse.
In 1873 received a 'large village' status.
In 1880 it had a population of 1800 and although Pestszentlorinc left Kispest in 1909, it rapidly grown to 30,000 by 1910.
In 1911 Kispest became district centre of Erzsébetfalva, Csepel, Soroksár, Pestszentlorinc and Dunaharaszti. In 1908 Sándor Wekerle politician and Prime Minister and Minister of Finance at the time begin the development of the Wekerle settlement, which is still an outstanding example of early 20th century mathematically designed development.
Originally the development was intended for working class settlement, but only middle class people could afford it at the time.
Kispest under went rapid industrialisation during the time between the two World Wars.
The Population reached 50,000 by 1920.
In 1921 it became a city.
Due to the large industrialisation in and around Kispest the township suffered heavy damage during WWII due to large scale carpet-bombing by the Allies.
From 1st January 1950 Kispest became the XIX district of Budapest.

Famous people of Kispest
György Bárdy actor
Magdolna Fazekas painter
Józsa Hacser actress Antal Kocsis Olympic boxer Ferenc Puskás legendary footballer, trainer and Captain of the Golden Team Gyula Tófalvi space scientist

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Budapest - Kispest Budapest - Kispest Budapest - Kispest Budapest - Kispest
Budapest - Kispest Budapest - Kispest Budapest - Kispest Budapest - Kispest
Budapest - Kispest Budapest - Kispest Budapest - Kispest Budapest - Kispest

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