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Excerpted from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Urumchi or Ürümqi (Uyghur: Ürümchi, pinyin: Wulumuq), with a population of about 2.1 million, is the capital of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China, in the northwest of the country.
It is also farther away from sea than any other large city in the world.

Two thousand years ago Ürümqi was an important town on the northern route of the Silk Road, a vast network of trade routes that also facilitated cultural exchanges throughout Eurasia.
During the 22nd year of Emperor Zhenguan's reign in the Tang Dynasty, 648 A.D., the Tang government set up the town of Luntai in the ancient town seat of Urabo, 10 kilometers from the southern suburb of present-day Ürümqi.
The Ancient Luntai Town was a seat of local government, and collected taxes from the caravans along the northern route of the Silk Road.
During the Qing Dynasty (1763 A.D.) Emperor Qianlong named the expanded town of Luntai "Dihua" (pinyin: Dhua; Manchu: Wen de dahabure fu), meaning "to enlighten."
In 1884, Emperor Guang Xu established Xinjiang as a Province, with Di Hua as its capital.
Following the founding of the People's Republic of China, on February 1, 1954, the city was renamed Ürümqi, meaning " beautiful pasture" in the Mongolian language of the Junggar tribe.

Located in a green oasis between the lofty ice-capped Bogda Peak, the vast Salt Lake in the east, the rolling pine-covered Southern hill and the alternating fields and sand dunes of Zunggar Basin in the northwest, Ürümqi has an average elevation of 800 meters.
The largest city in the western half of China, Ürümqi has won a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the most remote city from any sea in the world at a distance of about 1,400 miles (2500 km) from the nearest coastline (Ürümqi being the city closest to the Eurasian Pole of Inaccessibility).
The city has an area of 10,989 km.

For a more information about Urumchi see Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This page was retrieved and condensed from (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urumchi) see Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, November 2007.
All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License (see Copyrights for details).
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This information was correct in November 2007. E. & O.E.

Hui Chin and I really enjoyed our stay in Urumchi.

We spent many hours walking about town, it is a very large and well developed city.

The city has numerous interesting and beautiful sights.

Red Hill with the Jade Emperor Temple, the Great Buddha Dipper Palace, the Ksitigabha Temple and many more other attractions.
Southern Mosque.
Tartar Mosque.
Hongshan Park Pagoda.
Night (International) Market.

I have taken hundreds of photos here in Urumchi and even went as far as Turpan and many places in around Turpan, including many place on the way to and back from Turpan (more about at my Turpan page) on one of my new 2 GB SD Memory Cards. A lot of photos can be taken on a 2 GB card and while all seemed ok at the time, on my return home I found out that while the photos seemed to exist with properties (223 Kb)and jpg icons etc. they can't be viewed. The many different programs I've tried most comes up with a very similar message

or nothing at all.
A few photos taken shortly after our arrival and on another card turned out, although they were taken through the bus window are below.
I have lost some very interesting, unusual and irreplacable pictures of Turpan, Urumchi, and Bishkek in Kyrgizstan and pictures of the countrysides of Kyrgizstan and Kazakstan on another similar card.


Now altough we were there and had our visual and phisical experiences, I have to take advantage of using Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia's resources with our greatful thanks.

Urumuchi 2007

You can click on these photos for an enlargement.

Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi
Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi
Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi
Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi
Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi
Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi Urumchi - Urumuqi - Ürümuqi


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