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Travel 2008

On these pages I will deal with two of my hobbies and passions.
I like to travel and I like to take pictures and visiting all those places, I see many visiting people doing just the same things, travelling, visiting and taking photographs or movies.

I already have a travel page, listing most of the places my family and I have visited, but on these following pages I will try to list them in a more chronological order.

I have many photographs and I have visited many, many other places that I can't at this stage anyway, categorise.

Come, enjoy our journeys.

During 2008, Hui Chin and I visited some of the exciting South Pacific Islands, our neighbours, so to speak, for six to seven days, for absolute holiday and relaxation.
R. & R., so to speak.

Tonga was one of the first one we visited from 23rd of March till 2nd of April.

Airport Services - Teta Tours, Ha´amonga ´a Maui (trilithon), Mapu a Vaea (blowholes), Nuku´alofa, Teta Tours Tonga, Tongatapu A, Tongatapu B, Tongatapu - Buses, Tongatapu - Catholic Churches, and some more Tongatapu - Churches

From the 18th of May to the 25th of May, was our next destination , Bauerfield Intl. (Port Vila) Airport,
Bislama - Vanuatu Pidgin English, Cargo Cult - Tanna (island), Éfaté - A, B, Port Vila - A, B, Port Vila Catholic Cathedral, Port Vila - Buses, Tanna (island), Vanuatu - Hand Crafts, Tanna (island)

New Caledonia
from the 2nd to the 9th of July was our next choice of holidaying islands, where we have also explored Bouloupari, Bourail, Bourail Catholic Church, Grande Terre, La Foa, Moindou, Moindou Catholic Church, Nouméa A, Nouméa B, Nouméa - Buses, Nouméa - Catholic Cathedral, Nouméa - Trains, and Tontouta International Airport

Norfolk Island - (Australia)
from the 20th to the 28th of August was the next on our itinerary and Burnt Pine - A, Burnt Pine - B, Catholic Church, Kingston - A, Kingston - B, Middlegate, Norfolk Island - A, N.I. - B, N.I. - C, N.I. - D, N.I. - E, N. I. - F, N.I. - Airport, Norfuk - Norfolk/Pitcairn language and the Sunday/Island Markets

The Solomon Islands,
we managed to squeeze in from the 20th to 27th October, as another trip for us where we explored, looked at or used Guadalcanal A, B, Honiara A, B, H. - Buses, H. - Catholic Cathedral, H. - Chinatown, H. - International Airport, Iron bottom Sound, Kukum A, B, Panatina, Solomon Islands - Art, S.I. - Trains, Whiteriver, W. - Catholic Church, WW2 Henderson Tower, WW2 Japan Memorial, WW2 USA Memorial,

The Great Barrier Island (Hauraki Gulf),
we managed we took some time out to visit for a few relaxing days, in November which included looking at Great Barrier Island - A, - B, Our Aeroplane, Auckland - Aerial, Blind Bay, Claris, Claris Aerodrome,
Hauraki Gulf - Aerial, Kaitoke, Kawa, Medlands, Saint Johns/Medlands Community Church, Motairehe,
Okiwi, Okupu, Oreville Stamping Battery, Port Fitzroy, Metro or F.A.R.T. (Fast Automated Rapid Transport), Presidential Palace, Shoal Bay, Tataweka, Tramline, Tryphena, Whangaparapara, Whangapouabeach

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