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Mapu a Vaea (blowholes)

Tonga - South Pacific

Mapu a Vaea
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Mapu a Vaea
The Mapu a Vaea or Whistle of the Noble are natural blowholes on the island of Tongatapu near the village of Houma in the Kingdom of Tonga.
When waves crash into the reef, natural channels in the volcanic rock allow water to forcefully blow through and create a plume-like effect.
It is one of the highlights of the tours around the island of Tongatapu.

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Ha ha ha! Very funny this!
While on our holiday in Tonga we had a look at one of the major attractions, the Mapu a Vaea (blowholes) on Tongatapu Island, which is the main island in Tonga. The capital Nuku´alofa on this island too.
I took some photos as you can see some of the above, also took some videos.
After our return home, I had a look at them and the thought of doing a bit of funny on YouTube, like putting MeTube on the Videos before putting them here on this page. (Like, watch out YouTube here comes the real competition, ha?!)
Well, my son got my logo on and some other wording, but what seemed a simple operation of putting it on my web page, not that simple at all.
I studied the problem, tried some codes, tried some software, but all sorts of problems arisen and while some of the embedding codes did work on the harddrive they refused to co-operate on line. Some embedding problems, some size problems, like two of the videos over 30 mb in avi format, etc.
So, after 5 days of trials and tribulations I surrendered and uploaded them to YouTube, who immediate converted the to flash movies with the .flv extension and give me the embedding code right than and there.
So now I have the videos, but with the YouTube logo instead of my MeTube logo, I'm still working on this, so watch this place!!!

Now, my dear people, how would you like to see one of my movies from Mapu a Vaea, courtesy MyTube?

In the end, I did find an embedding code that works, but due to the size of couple of the videos, it takes some time for them to download.
Here, have a decko or two or three or four.

Click here to view video 1
video 2
video 3
video 4

Here another (Someone else's video) from YouTube.

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