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Island or Sunday Markets

Burnt Pine - Norfolk Island - Pacific Ocean

Norfolk Island History and Facts in Brief

Sunday Markets

(I have to be very careful what I write on these pages, because I have had some very nasty experiences. I've started these pages in 1994 and I have over 50,000 pages now.
In the early days I made many comments on our travels and places we have visited. Just an innocent travelogue on my part, until I mentioned a museum I was impressed with and commented on it and personally recommended it.
This fellow had one day to visit the city and it was a Monday when the Museum was closed.
This fellow give me such a lecture, how he spent that amount of money, he was very interested in the museum's specialties and I recommended it etc., and I should have stated it wasn't open on Mondays.
I have never professed to be tourist information service.
Another time I mentioned a hotel, which we found affordable with good facilities and service, until some one read, had a disappointing experience there and came back to to roost.
So, no more tourist information).

After getting all that off my chest brings me back to Norfolk Island and the Sunday Markets.
Of course there are many attractions and activities one can do on the small 8x5 km roughly.
As most accomodation places supply cars included in the room rate plus a small charge for insurance and petrol you can drive around to explore the attractions.
There are also museums, hiking tracks etc. etc and of course the Sunday Markets, if you happen to be there on a Sunday (Before or after attending church).
The markets are locally called the Island Markets and are held at the Bicentennial Complex (8.30 am - 1 pm) which is in the heart of Burnt Pine township and in practicality comprises the office and the veranda of the Tourist Information Centre, Bounty Square, Bowling Club, Car Park, Bonded Liqueur Store's veranda and the Rawson Hall.
The fare includes, many different souvenirs, handcraft, jewellery, food and some fruit and produce.


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