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Middle East

The Hashemite Kingdom of the Jordan is bounded by Israel, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
It comprises 2 areas, East and West Jordan, united in 1950.
The West includes the districts of Hebron and Jerusalem , the Jordan river and the Dead Sea, and is generally fertile.
Much of East Jordan is arid steppe.
The majority of the people are Sunni Moslems.
Amman is the capital and largest city.
Jordan is governed by the king, assisted by a council of ministers and a legislative council.
The country was administered as a British mandate until 1946, when Emir Abdullah was proclaimed king.
He was assassinated, 1951.
The Crown Prince Talal acceded to the throne in September but was deposed, 1952, and his son, Hussein, proclaimed king.

Area: 36,715 sq.m.

Population over 3 million.

We arrived in Amman, Jordan in early April 1998, in the middle of a snowstorm.

Dressed in summer gear after New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand we were in a shock.

We were expecting a Middle East, semi desert country, not a snow blizzard.

Buses, taxis and everything else was grounded.

We had to wait for hours to get from the Airport to Amman, only a few kilometers away.

After a few days in Amman, by taxi we went to see Ajlun, Yerash, the Cave District, Iraq el Amir and many other places north of Amman.

We had a few more days in Amman, and the same taxi took us south on the Kings Highway.
Visiting Hisban or Heshbon in the Bible.
The Madaba mosaics, Mt Nebo, Dhiban (Dibon), Wadi Mujib (Arnon), Rabbah, Kerak, Qasr Tafila, Shobak, Wadi Musa and Petra.

After visiting Petra we went back by the Desert Highway to Amman and the Allenby Bridge to Israel.

Very interesting history, including many 'Biblical' places, 'Arab invasion', Crusades, also Yerash and Petra.


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Mount Nebo


Qasir Iraq el Amir



Wadi Mujib


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