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Appeal for the Regnum Marianum Church - Budapest - Hungary

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Budapest, facts and history in brief

Hungarians - Famous Hungarians - My Ark Project

On this page I would like to bring together to mirror and save pages dealing with Hungarians and Famous Hungarians, especially some of the one pages likely to fade slowly away for one reason or other.

My Ark project

Recently I was looking for one of my famous country man - a Hungarian - and I couldn't find the page I have seen him on before for a very considerable time, until I remembered the web archiver the "Wayback Machine".
Some of this material was originally available at http://thehungarypage.com/, and others, but unfortunately they are not there any more, so I have taken the liberty of republishing the archived pages and information not for personal gain, but in the interest of keeping this information about Hungarians and their heritage and achievements available, alive and more widely publicised.
I kept the pages as intact as was possible.
Some of the photos are missing, some of the pages are only partially there, I'll try to find them and finish those pages.
The opinions and views expressed in the interviews and/or commentaries are solely of the individuals and are not necessarily the views of the Webmaster.
Hopefully I'll be able to find many more pages and my sites will act as an ark for the future.

Hungarian Americans - by Wikipedia

Hungarian Canadians - by Wikipedia

Csángós - by Wikipedia

Magyarab - by Wikipedia

Magyaráb 1- Magyarok Nubiában - In Hungarian

Magyaráb 2- Magyarok Nubiában - In Hungarian

Székelys - by Wikipedia

Famous Hungarians - Business & Politics - The Hungary Page

Famous Hungarians - The Hungary Page

Famous Hungarians - by Wikipedia

Famous Hungarians - Film, Arts & Media 1 - The Hungary Page

Famous Hungarians - Film, Arts & Media 2 - The Hungary Page

Famous Hungarians - Military - The Hungary Page

Famous Hungarians - Nobel Prizes - The Hungary Page

Famous Hungarians - Olympic Achievements - The Hungary Page

Famous Hungarians - Science, Mathematics & Technology 1 - The Hungary Page

Famous Hungarians - Science, Mathematics & Technology 2 - The Hungary Page

Famous Hungarians - Sports - The Hungary Page

N.B. Anybody proving ownership and/or any valid objection to any of the above pages or material contained therein, I will delete the particular page or material. Webmaster.

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