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Appeal for the Regnum Marianum Church - Budapest - Hungary

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Budapest, facts and history in brief

2006 Anniversary Index

Regnum Marianum Church Appeal

The Hungarian Anthem
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1956 - 2006 - The 50th Anniversary

2006 October 22
October 22
Corvin Lane
Corvin Alley Displays
ELTE Remembrance
ELTE - 1956 szobrok - ELTE Memorial Statues
March to Bem Statue

2006 October 23
2006 October 23
Andrássy Road Displays
Astoria Hotel Remembrance
Displays at ELTE
Kossuth Square
Hungarian Radio
Police - everywhere

2006 October 24
2006 October 24
Streets of Budapest next morning
Republic Square
Freedom Square
Filming another blockbuster
Controversial Soviet Monument
Hungarian T.V.H.Q.
U.S.A Embassy
Széna Square
Széna Square Memorials
Terror House

2006 November 4
2006 November 4
Hero's' Square
FIDESZ March with torches

Other pages I would like to recommend.

My appeal to rebuild the Regnum Marianum Church in Budapest, Hungary

This beautiful church was blown up and replaced by a statue of the Russian communist leader, Stalin, by the communist puppet leadership in Hungary, during their terror reign. (Please read on)

1956 Memorial Museum Kiskunmajsa - Hometown and maintained by Gergely Pongrátz and his extended family.

1956 Memorial Chapel Kiskunmajsa - Hometown and maintained by the Pongrátz family.

Gergely Pongrátz Leader of revolutionary fighters in Corvin Lane.

Budapest Kid "Pesti Srác" (Hungarian colloquialism meaning "Boy(s) of Budapest"). representing the young men who fought against the overwhelming Soviet invasion of Hungary.

Corvin Lane Iconic place of the Hungarian resistance against the brutal Soviet invasion.

Paul Maléter Commander of an infantry division in Budapest, who turned against the invading Soviets, promoted from Colonel to General, and on 29 October was appointed Minister of Defense.
He was executed along with Imre Nagy and others in a Budapest prison on 16 June 1958 by the puppet Kádár regime.

Nagy Imre - Imre Nagy The popular Prime Minister of the Revolution, executed in a Budapest prison on 16 June 1958 by the puppet Kádár regime.

Torn from the Flag A film about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Our trip to Kiskunmajsa

2006 Felsõpetény - Our pilgrimage to our beloved József Prince-Primate Cardinal Mindszenty' s former prison.

Pákozd Scene of a important battle won by the Hungarians against a much superior force during the 1848-9 Freedom Fight.

Battle of Pákozd A victorious battle on September 29, 1848 during the Revolution of 1848, was an important victory for the outnumbered Hungarian troops against the Croatian forces of Ban Josip Jelacic.

Battle of Pákozd Memorials

Battle of Pákozd Museum

Don Bend Memorial Chapel Memorial to the fallen Hungarians by the Don river during WWII.

The bell dedicated to the memory of Vitéz Admiral nagybányai Horthy Miklós Regent and leader of Hungary between 1920 and 1944.

The 'Kopjafa' dedicated to the memory of Vitéz nagybányai Horthy István, son of Vitéz Admiral nagybányai Horthy Miklós and a WWII war hero.

My tribute to
József Cardinal Mindszenty
of Hungary

o O o

Saint Stephen
(Szent István) of Hungary

(First King of Hungary)

See also

Apostolic Cross
Coronation Jewels
Saint Stephen Bazilika
Holy Crown 1
Holy Crown 2
Saint Stephen
Sovereigns of Hungary

The 1956 Hungarian Revolution.
(My Story)

A brief introduction
Index - (Table of Contents)
Author's notes
Chapter 1 - 1956
Chapter 2 - The Revolution
Chapter 3 - We are free!
Chapter 4 - The Soviets return
Chapter 5 - Escape to freedom
Chapter 6 - On the way to New Zealand
Chapter 7 - New Zealand
Appendix 1 - Revolution statistics
Appendix 2 - Emigration statistics
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