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Mexico is a North and Central American country bordered by the USA in the north, Guatemala and Belize in the south, and the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west.
With an area of 1,958,201 km2 (756,066 sq. mi.).

Most of the country is subjected to the humid trade winds from the east between May and August and tropical hurricanes from August to October.

Mexico was the greater part of ancient Mesoamerica, in which a succession of civilisation existed that shared many cultural characteristics based on cities, ceremonial plazas, pyramids, platforms, temples, similar deities, calendrical systems, long-distance trading, and a ritual ball game.

In 1521, the Spanish conquistador, CortÚs finally conquered the Aztec empire and New Spain became the first Spanish-American viceroyalty, including all of ancient Mesoamerica, northern Mexico, the Caribbean, and most of the south-western USA. The Spanish colonial rule lasted for the next 300 years.

In 1821 Augustin de Iturbide declared an independent Mexican empire, including Guatemala.

Mexico lost huge territories after the Mexican-American War from 1846 to 1848.

In 1864 the French troops of Napoleon III installed the Habsburg prince Maximilian as emperor of Mexico.

From 1876 the Porfirio Diaz's dictatorship followed until the 1910 Mexican Revolution that lasted until 1940.

Since the 1988 elections, President Carlos Salinas de Gortari played a central role in the pacification programme for Central America.
He ratified the North American Free trade Agreement with Canada and the USA in 1993.

Mexico's population is more than 92 million, mainly Roman Catholic (Over 92%), with 55% Mestizo, 30% Indian and 15% European.

The official language is Spanish.

The currency is the peso with 100 centavos.

Mexico City is the Capital and the world's largest urban centre, with severe problems of pollution, infrastructure, and overcrowding.

I visited Tijuana (Mexico) during my visit to Sandiego (U.S.A.) in 1996. I, sort of drifted across the border, so to speak.

Only a border post away, but the two very different and contrasting countries.

It was a real eye opener and a memorable experience.

Hui Chin and I was very pleased that we have visited Mexico during our 2002 travels in South and North and Central Americas.
There was a lot of work was going on road and services around town and around our hotel.
Mexico wasn't the first one, where we have seen this either.
Much the same as usual, we went for a city sightseeing tour.
During our sightseeing tour we were taken to the 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' Basilicas.
Next day we returned for another day to participate in a couple of masses, that we walked in during our explorations.
There are two main Basilicas and many churches and chapels in the complex. You really need most of a day to see everything around here.
We also went to see the Pyramids at Teotihuacan.

Another exciting day, although an incident at our lunch break did spoiled it for us some.

The lunch break was part of the tour, but we had to pay for it individually.
Hui Chin and I were running low on cash and we did ask the restaurateur before we sat down,if they accept Visa, because Visa isn't very popular, by our experience in Latin America.
Yes, they'll take Visa, he told us.
When it came to pay, of course, they did not accept Visas from anybody, we had to borrow the price of our meals, from another couple from our hotel.
Very embarrassing.
I did complain too.
Quiet strongly too.
Wasn't really a fair play.
It wasn't cricket, Mate, If you happen to read this.
We happened to forget the name of the Restaurant.
I would like to name them, to warn others.
I would appreciate if someone could let me know.

Returning to our Mexican experiences, did anybody noticed the Mexican's liking for green.
Thousands of green Volkswagen Beetle Taxis running around the city.
Buses, some bridges are the same green colour.
We spent a couple of days exploring the city on foot.
There was a free very noisy and colourful concert going on the Plaza front of the Cathedral.
We are looking forward to visit Mexico again soon.

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