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India, Asia

Kashmir is a very beautiful country in the Himalayas, now known as Kashmir and Jammu, lying north of and shared by India and Pakistan, bounded by Tadjikistan, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
It is traversed by the Himalayas and Karakoram range, with the fertile Indus valley between.
Agriculture is the chief industry, and much of the land is forested.
Srinagar is the capital, Jammu is the winter residence.
The people are chiefly Moslems.
In the Middle Ages Kashmir was a flourishing independent state.
From 1846-1947, when the Maharajah acceded to the Dominion of India, it was under British protection.
Following a dispute between India and Pakistan, the future of Kashmir was referred to the U.N.
In 1952 became a Republic.
War broke out in 1965, but following the ceasefire, agreement in principle was reached under Soviet auspices in 1966.

Area: 86,024 sq.m.

Population around 5 million.

We did have some trouble to get into Kashmir during our 1999 tour of the Himalayan countries.

Although we bought our tickets and paid for them in Nepal and we did get assurances that we can fly in.

We had to go to the airlines head office and do some table banging before we could fly in.

As before, with most of the places we visited the country and the people were a complete surprise.

We really enjoyed ourselves.

In Srinagar we stayed on a houseboat on Dal Lake, which was an experience in itself.

We had a terrific time.

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Dal Lake


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