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Dal Lake photos 1999

Jammu and Kashmir, India

Although it sounds like any other lake, Dal Lake is in fact a maze of waterways in Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, partly in Pakistan and India.

Dal Lake is famous not only for its beauty, but for its vibrancy, and a style of life unique around the world.
The houseboat and Shikara communities have lived on Dal Lake for centuries and their infrastructure is so complete on the lake, that they never have to step on land!
Doctors, tailors, bakers, all have their tiny wooden shops on the lake, near picturesque vegetable gardens and acres of lotus gardens.

With some difficulty we managed to visit the Indian ruled Jammu and Kashmir and the Capital, Srinagar.

In the maze of waterways of Dal Lake are a couple of islands, very popular picnic spots.

One of the facinating and world famous thing about Lake Dal is the many Houseboat, that are on the lake.

Many of this houseboats are used for living quarters, there are also many that are used for tourist accommodation.

As things are this days and for the last few years Jammu & Kashmir is more or less under emergency rules or laws and there are not many tourist around.

We did have some trouble during our 1999 tour of the Himalayan countries to get in, but in the end we were lucky enough to visit that beautiful place.

As before, with most of the places we visited the country and the people were a complete surprise.

We really enjoyed ourselves.

We stayed on a houseboat on Dal Lake, which was an experience in itself and we did have a terrific time.

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Dal Lake Dal Lake Dal Lake Dal Lake

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