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Portugal facts and history in brief

Portugal is sharing the Iberian Peninsula with the larger Spain in south-west Europe.

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Portugal facts and history in brief

Hui Chin and I visited Portugal in 2003.

We boarded our train at Irun station in Spain, after a kind and friendly Portuguese man show us the way to the station and the train, - whom Hui Chin noticed, was traveling with us since Lourdes.

First we thought our friend was English, - and I thought, I could tell.

To our surprise he told us he is traveling home, to Lisbon, his home town, in sleeper class, - we couldn't afford such luxury, - first class and catching a few winks on the way, will do for us.

Thank you very much for all your help, if you happen to read this, my friend.

From Irun, on the French-Spanish border our train was heading for Lisbon, Portugal, but before that we had to get off to go to Fatima.

Sounds simple, isn't it? But Fatima, doesn't have a railway station, and the station we had to get off, have a name, that is hard to remember for outsiders like us.

Our friend and the conductor made sure we did get off at the right station.

Thanks again, mate.

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