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Portugal facts and history in brief

Portugal is sharing the Iberian Peninsula with big brother Spain in south-west Europe.


Caxarias is one of 18 parishes of the county of Ourém since 1947, year of the separation from Seiça.
Area; 23 square kilometers
Population; around 4000
Caxarias is surrounded by fertile valleys, hot springs, Cretacious hills and meadows of sand layers.

The settlement has been inhabited since Paleolithic times, as various stone and silex tools attest to that.

There are also signs of Roman settlements in the coins and ruined villas found in the vicinity.

In the 12 C. the area was settled by Christians and the first Portuguese king, Dom Afonso Henriques, gives the area to the Church to build a monastery of the "Santa Maria.

In 1213, land for the "Santa Cruz de Coimbra" monastery, vineyards, houses and a church was donated by a local builder.

The monastery is gone , but the church remained and is a farmhouse now days with paintings from the seventeenth century.

There are some old established watermills that are still working. The Cister monastery was transferred to Coimbra.

In 1645, a chapel devoted to Saint Anthony was built.

In 1864, the opening of the railway line from Lisbon to Gaia brings the industrial age to the nearby village of Carvoeira and to the district.
With the railway line came the factories, coal mining and pottery and soon the old southern Caxarias joins the new and industrial northern Caxarias.

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Hui Chin and I had to wait a few hours at Caxarias because the Port to Lisbon InterCity Express train was delayed, so we went sightseeing.

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