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Malta facts and history in brief

Malta is an independent republic in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily and made up of Malta, Gozo, Comino an some other smaller islands.

The capital and the main port is Valletta.

The climate is Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters.

Malta's population is around 500.000.

A very strong Catholic stronghold, Saint Paul was shipwrecked here, while being taken to Rome as prisoner.
Agriculture and tourism are the most important parts of the Maltese economy.
Malta is a constitutional republic.
Malta became a Phoenician colony in about 1000 BC.
In 736 BC the Greeks taken them over and than later passed to the possession of Carthage and then Rome.
In 870 Arabs occupied.
In 1090 the Normans beaten the Arabs and Malta was later fell under the rule of the Kingdom of Sicily.
In 1530, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V awarded Malta to the Knights of St John of Jerusalem (The Knights Hospitaller), who run the islands until the 19th century.
Successfully defending the islands from the Turks, Malta was fortified and was the best Mediterranean strongholds.
In 1798, during his Egyptian campaign, Napoleon occupied the islands.
The Maltese asked for Great Britain's help and in 1799 British naval officer Horatio Nelson beaten the French and soon Malta became a British Colony.
In 1921 Britain for Malta's help during the WWI granted major independent rule.
In 1942 King George VI awarded the George Cross to Malta for the bravery of the Maltese during WWII, when the Germans and Italians bomb Malta daily.
In 1974 Malta became a republic within the Commonwealth of Nations.
Malta is a treasure trove of old ruins, fortifications etc for the tourist.

In 2001 Hui Chin and I spent some time on the Maltese islands.

By bus we traveled all over the islands, including taking the ferry to Gozo and some of the smaller islands.

We also went on a sightseeing boat trip from Sliema Quay, around Valletta and all the bays of Marsamxett and the Grand Harbours.

With frequent bus services and with some walking we managed to see just about everything.

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My photo pages in my Malta series.

Countryside Gozo Grand Harbour

Hagar Qim Marsamxett Harbour Mosta

St Paul's Bay Vallettta

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