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Slovakia facts and history in brief

Slovakia a central European republic, formerly part of Czechoslovakia.
Occupies an area of 49,035 sq km and is bounded by Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic and dominated by the Carpathian mountains, with the the Gerlach Shield at a height of 2,655 m.

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Lucenec (Losonce in Hungarian) is a city with a population of about 30,000 is in the Novohrad district, and a thriving trading centre on the crossroads of old trading routes connecting Sahy (Ipolyság) with Rimavská Sobota (Rimaszombat) and Filakovo (Fülek) with Zvolen (Zolyom).

Some Neolithic period archaeological find were discovered locally.

The first written reference dates back to King Béla IV in 1247.

The town was owned by an old Hungarian noble family of Lossoncy, hence the Hungarian name Losonc.

In 1451 at the battle of Losonc the Hussite Ján Jiskra's soldiers beat János Hunyadi's Hungarian soldiers and the town was burned to the ground.

During the Turkish occupation the township was destroyed and abandoned.

During the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries the town was devastated a number of times by uprisings, fires and epidemics.

In the later part of the 20th C. Lucenec experienced some significant economic and population development.

I've spent a considerable time in and around Balassagyarmat, Szécsény and Salgótarján, all being on or near the Slovak border and close to Lucenec.

In those years many people on either side of the border had relations, friend across the other side.

Certain things were more abundant and cheaper in Slovakia than, then in Hungary.

One of the sought after items were watches, that you could see through and could see the mechanism working inside. For years I was fascinated by them and tried to get one.

In 2003, Hui Chin and I visited Losonc twice.
First while we were driving around around Slovakia and we spent a couple days exploring the city.
Right in the centre of the city is a new, mini skyscraper hotel painted in a bright colour.
The more I looked at it the more I wanted to stay there, but we've already booked into another Penzio.
I couldn't resist and went in inquiring about the rates, as it happened I misheard the 19,000 Kronens for 9,000, which sounded affordable, although we've only paid 5,000 for the other place.

After returning to Hungary and returning the car I still couldn't get that hotel out of my mind and still thinking it was only 9,000 Kronen, we returned to Losonc before our departure for New Zealand.

The day we returned was raining cats and dogs and learned the 'real' rate, I was very disappointed, but couldn't afford it.
We booked in another hotel and watched the rain soaked streets till next morning to catch a train back to Budapest.

Absolutely disappointing and expensive, wet exercise. You know! The train tickets, wet clothes, extra hotel costs and time wasted, that we could have spent in beautiful Budapest.

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Lucenec Lucenec Lucenec Lucenec

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