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Norway facts and history in brief

Straumsnes is in the Tingvoll municipality in the county of Møre og Romsdal, Norway.

Straumsnes is on the E39, which is the designation of a 1330 km long north-south road in Norway and Denmark, running from Klett just south of Trondheim to Ålborg, via Orkanger, Straumsnes and many other towns, many times it is interrupted by ferry crossings. Straumsnes is also near to Fauske and Boden, both important transport centres in northern Norway.

Sarolta, my daughter and I visited the Scandinavian countries including Norway during 1978.

We did meet many nice people, seen many beautiful sights and enjoyed ourselves being there.

In 2003 Hui Chin and I visited Norway.

We hoped on a train in Berlin to Copenhagen.

Our plan was simple, go to Copenhagen, have a good nosey around in the city and surrounds.

From Denmark we went to Stockholm in Sweden.

After exploring Stockholm and it's surroundings, we grabbed a ferry over to Helsinki.

Do our usual exploration in Helsinki and catch a train up to Lapland, to Kemi in fact.

From Kemi we bussed and trained around near the Arctic Circle, and crossed over to Sweden, and than to Narvik in Norway.

When we finished with Narvik, went by bus, ferry and train down to Oslo.
Spent a few days to explore Oslo to our satisfaction, then head over to Copenhagen, pass over Sweden, than by train, a long bridge, ferry and train over to Germany (Hamburg in fact).

Sounds simple, isn't it?

Well, it wasn't quite that simple, taken some time and money, but we did enjoy it.

During our trips, we often meet nice people and strike up a friendship, whether in our accommodations, on the streets, asking for directions or somewhere else, on trains, buses, planes, shops or while waiting, but very soon they or us have to move on.

Sometimes we exchange addresses, but once out sight, out of mind.

I often feel sorry for the briefness of the encounter or losing contact with a decent person, or a good friend, or a kind individual.

Am I going on a bit?
Ah, there's a point.

On this trip from Helsinki to Hamburg, all around Finland, top of Sweden, Lapland, Kemi, Haparanda, Lulea, Narvik, the Ferry in the Norwegian fjords, Oslo, Copenhagen and onwards, there was a young couple from Bucharest whom we traveled and chatted with.
Hui Chin even had to borrow some money from them for a couple of hours.
They were more than willing to help.
Nice couple.
Thanks mates.
Would like to meet you two again anytime, Hui Chin too.

God Bless you both!

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Note the time, it's p.m. Straumsnes Straumsnes

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