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The Kingdom of Norway is a Nordic country west of Sweden on the Scandinavian Peninsula.
It has a very elongated form and has an extensive coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean, where Norway's famous fjords are found.
It borders Sweden, Russia and Finland.
The nearby island territories of Svalbard and Jan Mayen are under Norwegian sovereignty.
Bouvet Island in the South Atlantic Ocean and Peter I Island in the South Pacific Ocean are Norwegian dependencies.
Additionally, Norway has a claim for Dronning Maud Land in the Antarctica.

Kongeriket Norge/Noreg

Official languages; Norwegian, with Saami in special regions.
Capital; Oslo
King; Harald V
Prime minister; Kjell Magne Bondevik
Area; 386,000 kmē
Population; 4,525,116
    Declared - June 7, 1905
    Recognised - Separation from Sweden - October 26, 1905
Currency; Krone
Time zone; UTC +1
National anthem; Ja, vi elsker dette landet
Internet TLD; .NO
Phone Calling Code; 47

The Viking period (9th to 11th centuries) was one of national unification and expansion.
The Norwegian royal line died out in 1387, and the country entered a period of union with Denmark, since 1450 bound by treaty.
This marked the start of what is known in Norway as the "400-year night", as the weaker part in a union with Denmark.
After Denmark sided with Napoleon, Norway was ceded to Sweden in 1814.
Growing Norwegian irritation during the 19th century with having to deal with a government in Stockholm spawned the dissolution of the Norway-Sweden union in 1905, when the Norwegian government offered the throne of Norway to Danish Prince Carl.
After a plebiscite approving the establishment of a monarchy, the Parliament unanimously elected him king.
He took the name of Haakon VII, after the kings of independent Norway.
Norway was a nonbelligerent during World War I, but as a result of the German invasion and occupation during World War II, Norwegians generally became skeptical of the concept of neutrality and turned instead to collective security.
Norway was one of the signers of the North Atlantic Treaty in 1949 and was a founding member of the United Nations.
Norway has twice voted against joining the European Union (in 1972 and 1994), but is associated with it via the European Economic Area.

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