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Gangtok photos 1999

Sikkim, India

Gangtok is the capital of the Himalayan state of Sikkim in northern India, in the foothills of the Kanchenjunga Range on the Ranipool River; at an elevation of 1,700m.
Gangtok was an important trading post for rice, maize, cardamom, and fruit, and has industries in brewing, weaving, and watchmaking until the Tibetan border was closed in 1962.
Today relies more on the growing tourism industry.
There are a number of Buddhist centres in and around Gangtok such as Do-Drul chorten (a Tibetan stupa), with a large gilded tower and surrounded by prayer wheels, Enchey, a small Buddhist monastery, the Namgyalk Institute of Tibetology, built in traditional Tibetan style, established in 1958 has one of the world's largest collections of books and rare Buddhist manuscripts, statues, and silk thankas (painted scrolls) on the subject of Mahayana Buddhism.
24 km south-west, is the major Buddhist monastery of Rumtek, dedicated to the Karmapa Branch of the reformist Kargyudpa School.
Gangtok was the seat of the chogyal (maharaja) of Sikkim until 1976, when it became part of the Indian state.
Major attractions apart from the temples and monasteries are the chogyal palace and its lavish decorations and fine carvings and the Orchid Sanctuary in White Hall, the former governor's residence, with over 200 species of orchids and an orchid festival is held here every spring.

Population about 30.000.

Our Bhutan Tour Guides driven us to Silliguri in India after finishing our visit of Bhutan.

They made sure to get a reliable taxi jeep to take us to Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, built on top and the sides of a mountain.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and experiences in Gangtok and Sikkim.

After our stay we used the same driver to take us back to India and to Biratnagar Airport in Nepal to fly to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

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Gangtok Gangtok Gangtok Gangtok

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