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Jericho photos 1998

West Bank

Hui Chin, Endre and I crossed over from Jordan by the Allenby Bridge.

We begin our explorations with Jericho before we visited Jerusalem, New Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives, Bethlehem, Tiberias, Nazareth, Tabigha, Qumran, Masada, Beit Haarava and Eilat.


lies in the West Bank, the population of around 6,000 are mainly Palestinians.
Believed to have been settled around 8000 B.C.
The towns have been built on top of one another.
According to the Bible the Israelites marched around the city, and with their shouts and trumpets blew the city walls down.
In the six-day war in 1967 Israel seized the West Bank and other Arab territories.
In 1993, Israel signed an agreement that named Jericho the first West Bank area to be given a form of Palestinian self-rule.

We had some fun to get into Jericho.

The world's oldest city.

250 metres below sea level.

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Jericho Jericho Jericho Jericho

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