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Israel facts & history in brief

The State of Israel, a republic was declared 1948 and occupies more or less the Promised Land, the Bible Lands, the Holy Land and many other names to many people.
Bordered by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the Red Sea, Egypt the Mediterranean Sea.
Now includes East Jerusalem, part of the West Bank, the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip, since Israel captured them in the Six-Day War in 1967.
Israel also captured the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, but returned it since in 1982, and granted Palestinian self-rule in the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank in 1994, after a peace agreement between Israel and Palestinian Liberation Organisation.
Geographically it can be divided into the areas of the hills of Galilee, the Plain of Esdraelon, the Judaean and Samarian hills, the coastal plains, and the Negev.

Israel has a population of over 5 million.
The capital is Jerusalem.
The history, tradition and the struggle of the land and its people is the Bible for many people.
The "Promised Land" "of milk and honey", was more recently discovered to be barren and infertile, that has many mineral, agricultural and human resources.
As in the Bible and in the middle ages during the crusades the 'Land of Peace' is in a bit of a turmoil.

Hui Chin, Endre and I crossed over from Jordan by the Allenby Bridge.

We begin our explorations with Jericho before we visited Jerusalem, New Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives, Bethlehem, Tiberias, Nazareth, Tabigha, Qumran, Masada, Beit Haarava and Eilat.


because of it's Red Sea location and hot climate the Israelis have developed Eilat into their southern seaside resort this former desert outpost.
Eilat is dedicated to sun-worshipping, water sports and nightlife instead of synagogues, mosques and churches.
It is also a busy port.
Called Elath or Eloth in the Old Testament when the Israelites stopped here on their way from Egypt to the Promised Land.
King Solomon used it as his gateway to the Far East.
King Jehoshophat built his navy here and King Huzzah rebuilt the town before it felt to the Syrians.
Eilat changed hands many times.
In 1116, the Crusaders taken the town, 50 years later fell to Aladdin's hand.
Queen of ChB landed here on her way to Jerusalem. Soon lost its importance to Aqaba.
The Israelis captured it on 10 March 1949 and became a vital port, with its strategic location on the Red Sea.
Eilat is the Israelis' Red Sea playground and holiday resort.
The beaches and shores and cities, stretches over three countries, Jordan, Israel and Egypt.

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Eilat Eilat Eilat Eilat

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