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Phuntsholing 1999 photos


Bhutan facts & history in brief

The Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan is in southern Central Asia, most of it in the Himalayas and mainly mountainous, surrounded by Tibet, China, Myanmar (Burma), India, Sikkim (India).
Bhutan's isolation helped to keep it' s cultural identity with a population of about 600.000.
The Dzongkha (A Tibetan like dialect) is the official language.
Many temples, monasteries and dzongs (Fortified monasteries) are scattered around with many monks of the mainly Bhudist nation.
The King rules the country with a hand picked parliament.
Tourism which only recently was allowed and hydroelectric power are the main income for the small nation.

Thimpu is the capital of Bhutan.

We spent about two weeks in the Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan.

The country is mostly hills (because it's part of the Himalayas) and valleys, it is very beautiful and quite unusual.

If you want to go anywhere in Bhutan, you have to go up the mountains by the spiralling roads and back down again, only to cross a river and repeat the whole process again until you get to your destination.

The architecture is mind blowing, and so is the natural, unspoiled scenery.

The people very friendly, dressed in their traditional, national costume all the time, and are continuously chewing something, and tend to spit a lot.

Visiting Bhutan was another cultural shock and an unforgettable experience for us.

Our tour firm and guides were very nice and helpful.

The place is a rather expensive experience, since visitor numbers, their itinerary, hotels and prices are state controlled.

We enjoyed our visit very much and it was truly memorable.

Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan is built in a small valley and on the sides of the surrounding mountains.
It is a very beautiful and interesting place.

Phuntsholing is one of the few land based entry point to Bhutan.
There's a symbolic gate between the Indian city Jaigon and Puntsholing and two very different cultures.

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Phuntsholing Phuntsholing Phuntsholing Phuntsholing

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