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MV Polar Star - Voyage Maps

MV Polar Star

Antarctica History and Facts in Brief

Hui Chin and I were very privileged to participate in the 24th February to 14th of March Expedition of MV Polar Star to Antarctica and neighbouring islands and seas.

It was a great adventure and experience, although I was sick as you will find out on these pages I have thoroughly enjoyed myself with the help of my wife, Hui Chin, the Polar Star Management, Staff, Crew the Expedition Team and our fellow passengers.
Thank you very much and God Bless You All.

My special thanks to Hui Chin, Doctor Suzy, Hannah, Captain Leszek Slawski, Hotel Manager Florin Blaj, for their extraordinary understanding, help and humanity.
Thank you very much and God Bless You All.

At the end of our voyage we had the opportunity to get a copy of a journal of our expedition, records and photographic records.
While stressing the copyrights of the authors of these records and photos, I have reprinted some of them, with the Team Leader's kind permission, strictly as a record of our journey and as a advertising or 'teaser' for future expeditions.
If I misunderstood the permission, I will remove these material immediately on notice.

Please respect the rights of the owners. Webmaster.

"Virtually every visitor to the ice returns to "civilisation" converted into a passionate, life-long South Polar Ambassador. The enriched lives of these privileged few will never again be the same for they have truly experienced paradise on earth. That such a wondrous, unspoiled place still exists on this beleaguered planet, is one of the real miracles of the 20th century. The indescribable splendour of the magnificent final frontier and its remarkable wildlife must be forever regarded as an irreplaceable international treasure that justly deserves to be protected indefinitely for future generations."
(Frank Todd, 1988)

MV Polar Star Voyage Maps

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