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Universal Studios is a Hollywood, California based American film production company, founded by Carl Laemmle in 1912 and used two studios in the beginning.
In 1915 moved to one site, called the Universal City, in the San Fernando Valley.
Many of important films were produced by Universal, including All Quiet on the Western Front, Frankenstein, and Dracula.
Amongst the many of Its stars was Rudolph Valentino, Lon Chaney, Wallace Reid, and Boris Karloff and its directors John Ford and Erich von Stroheim.
Due to financial trouble, Laemmle lost control of the studio in 1936.
A series of popular films saved the company, such as the musicals, Three Smart Girls, 100 Men and a Girl, the screwball comedy My Man Godfrey and the comedies of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.
In 1946 it became Universal-International due to mergers and in 1952.
Decca Records took control and reverted to its old name and turning out prestige comedies and dramas, starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson.
In 1966 became a subsidiary of the Music Corporation of America and Universal became the feature film division of Universal City Studios, which was making primarily television series.
They turned out films such as Airport, The Sting, American Graffiti, The Deer Hunter, Jaws and Jurassic Park.
In 1990, became part of the Matsushita conglomerate.

Part of Universal City is today is a theme park open for tourist and featuring some of the studios, stages, backgrounds and props used in previous 'Blockbuster' films.
There is also a large theme park and a number of restaurants and speciality shops.

What can I say?
We visited the place and enjoyed many of the sideshows, exhibits and entertainment.

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Universal Studios Universal Studios Universal Studios Universal Studios


Universal Studios Universal Studios Universal Studios Universal Studios
Universal Studios Universal Studios Universal Studios Universal Studios

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