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Toledo city, is in the Ohio State of U.S.
Started off as a French trading post nearby in 1680, that later became a fortification on the present-day city site in 1700.
After the War of 1812 the permanent civilian settlement began.
In 1833 Port Lawrence and Vistula, the two settlement, were merged and named Toledo, after the city in Spain.
Toledo went through a rapid development as an important transport centre with the finishing the building of the railways 1836 and the finishing of two canals in the 1840s and was further boosted by the discovery of gas and oil nearby in 1884.
In 1959, Toledo became a major inland port when the St Lawrence Seaway was opened.
Toledo is a leading port for grain, coal, car parts, iron ore, and steel.
Toledo's industries manufacture instruments, metal goods, machinery, car parts, jeeps, textiles, chemicals, glass and plastics.
Toledo also an important petroleum and gas terminus and a major oil-refining centre.
The city is the seat of the University of Toledo and a Medical College also has a museum of art and a museum of health and natural history.

Population of the Metropolitan area is about half a million.

Another town where we only spent a few hours sightseeing and visiting a couple nice restaurants.
Hui Chin and I enjoyed Toledo.

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Toledo Toledo Toledo
Toledo Toledo Toledo

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