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Syracuse is an industrial centre besides the Onondaga Lake in central New York, U.S.A.
Once was called Salt City because of the local salt production.
The Iroquois Indians were the first people who lived in today's Syracuse area.
In 1786, Ephraim Webster settled there and opened a trading post near the some salt springs by the Onondaga Lake.
In 1825, the settlement was renamed Syracuse, after the ancient Greek city, which also lay near salt springs.
Syracuse produces machinery, chemicals, chinaware, drugs, paper, electrical, and transportation equipment.
The city is also a market centre for nearby farming areas.
A University, International Airport, passenger and freight trains, buses and interstate roads serve Syracuse.

Population of about a million people live in the metropolitan area.

The last time I visited the US in 1996 my bus just shot through Syracuse on the way from Niagara Falls to Boston and New York.
Stopped at the Bus Terminal for about 15 minutes and I fell in love with Syracuse.
I've promised myself next time I'll be this way I'll stop and explore the city.
One of the first place we've seen was Clinton Square, a very beautiful place, I hope it is named after the former President, Bill.
I like that fellow.
He visited New Zealand while he was President and we admired and grown fond him.
He did everything to please his New Zealand audience.
Anyway as Hui Chin and I've learned later Syracuse has another or two squares named after Presidents.
We did the usual thing of joining a 'city sightseeing tour' to see and enjoy the city.
Somehow I felt disappointed, while Syracuse is a very nice, beautiful and friendly city, I didn't find the magic, I've thought I missed a few years ago.
Perhaps next time. Never know your luck in a big city, do you?

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Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse
Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse

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