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Seattle is the largest city in Washington State on the northwestern Pacific Ocean coast of the U.S.
It is on a small land between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington.
Lake Union and the Lake Washington Ship Canal divide the city into northern and southern halves, downtown and the Capitol Hill and Queen Anne are south of the canal, the U District is to the northeast.
Duwamish Indians lived in and fished the bays and rivers around.
In 1851, David Denny a New Yorker came with the first group of settlers across the Oregon Trail.
The railways linking Seattle to Oregon and with the rest of the country was finished in 1893 and rapid development followed.
The development was helped by lumber, shipping and general commerce and spurred by large scale immigration.
In 1889 the Great Fire destroyed 50 blocks of the old wooden downtown in a single day.
The city was reborn in brick and iron around today's Pioneer Square.
In 1897 a ship Portland docked with two tons of Yukon gold and Seattle was firmly established, housing and supplying the many fortune hunters.
The boom continued through WWI, with demand in lumber, shipyards and shipbuilding.
During WWII the shipbuilding boom, and aircraft and atomic energy industries helped the region's progress.
Today, international trade and High-tech firms, like Microsoft, Amazon and until recently Boeing helped along Seattle's booming economy.
Seattle's ready access to outdoor recreations such as wilderness trails, hiking, bikers, swimmers, windsurfers, joggers, sailing, white-water kayaking and nearby skiing continue to draw thousands of people.

Seattle's main attractions are:

  • The Pike Place Market is a maze of shops with ethnic food stalls, plant shops, galleries and gift boutiques. Pike Place Market is near the waterfront, in the northwest corner of downtown.
  • Seattle Center
  • the Space Needle
  • and the 2.5km Monorail,
  • the Flag Pavilion,
  • Plaza and
  • the International Fountain are true icons of the city, with
  • the Seattle Opera House,
  • the Pacific Science Center of sports arenas,
  • a children's museum and
  • the Fun Forest Amusement Park left after the 1962 World's Fair and still attracting thousands of people annually.
    The Seattle Center is less than a mile northwest of downtown.
  • The U District, or the University of Washington, on the edge of a busy commercial area. The University Way, or 'the Ave,' and NE 45th St, where you can find many cheap restaurants and cafes, arthouse cinemas and bars.
  • The Burke Museum with its collection of dinosaur skeletons.
  • The Henry Art Gallery,
  • The Washington Park Arboretum with over 5500 different plant
  • Capitol Hill and the inlaid brass dance steps along Broadway and the many sweets shops, restaurants and cafes.
  • Queen Anne and the observatory deck at 3rd Ave and Highland Drive is a ideal look out spot at night or sunset. Queen Anne is just over 2km, (1 mile) northwest of downtown with good bus service.
  • Woodinville about 32km (20 miles) northeast of Seattle is popular for its wineries and microbreweries.
  • Puget Sound is a Island-strewn, misty and mysterious link between Seattle and Winslow on Bainbridge Island and it's many shops and restaurants and wineries another popular destinations by regular ferries.
  • Another attraction is the Naval Museum and USS Turner Joy, destroyer at Bremerton, the largest town on Kitsap Peninsula and the Puget Sound's principal naval base and the waterfront park by the ferry terminal and is easily reached by good ferry service.
  • Then there is Vancouver, just across the Canadian border.
Some of Seattle's interesting events are the
  • Chinese New Year festival,
  • the rowdy Mardi Gras,
  • the Northwest Folklife Festival and
  • many others during the year.
Seattle's population is under 1 million.

Hui Chin and I liked Seattle very much.
One thing that emphasised the city's prosperity, at least to me, was the free bus rides within inner city limits.
One way to get rid of cars from the centre.
I wonder whether it works?
We found the waterfront very colourful, with many attractions, including the old time tram. (Streetcar).
The Space Needle and the Monorail also received our approval.
The Catholic Cathedral was another beautiful place.
The 'Boeing Park' was interesting too.
Just as well we were in good health and condition, as Seattle is full of steep streets (Up and down, of course).
The wineries and ferries were OK too.
I've been to Seattle before and then as well as now I admired Seattle's cavernous underground bus stops, diesel buses in the suburbs, and trolley buses in the Seattle underground.
We like that place.

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Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle
Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle
Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle
Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle
Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle
Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle
Seattle Seattle Seattle Seattle

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