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Pearl Harbour

O'ahu, Honolulu, Hawaii

U.S.A. facts & history in brief

Pearl Harbour

is the principal naval bases of the United States, at the inlet of the island of Oahu, Hawaii, just outside of Honolulu.
It has been a United States repair and coaling station for ships since 1887.
In 1898, the United States annexed the Hawaiian Islands.
In 1911 the dredging a wide channel across the sandbar and coral reef was finished, ready to take the l largest naval vessels.
Early December 7, 1941, Japanese submarines and carrier-based planes attacked the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbour and the nearby military airfields.
Eight battleships and 10 other naval vessels were sunk or were damaged, almost 200 American aircraft were destroyed, and approximately 3,000 naval and military personnel were killed or wounded.
The attack marked the entry of Japan into World War II on the side of Germany and Italy, and the entrance of the United States on the Allied side.
A congressional committee investigation placed some blame on General Short and Admiral Kimmel, who, were declared guilty only of errors of judgement, and not of dereliction of duty.
The US Armed Service were unified later.

The USS Arizona National Memorial, stands above the wreck of the battleship, commemorating the Americans who died in the attack.

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Pearl Harbour Pearl Harbour Pearl Harbour Pearl Harbour

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