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Chloride is at the foothills of the Cerbat Mountains, Mohave County of Western Arizona, U.S.
It is one of the oldest inhabited mining communities in Arizona.
Chloride is about 1200 m above sea level with a population of about 500.
In the 1840's, gold, silver, zinc, lead and turquoise was discovered by prospectors in the mountains around where Chloride is today.
The town's name came from the silver chloride discovered nearby.
The Hualapai Indians protecting the area around Chloride kept the prospectors the Army troops came in and controlled the tribe, in the late 1850's.
During Chloride's boom period, there were more than 75 mines operating in the area and about 2,000 people living in the town and it was made the county seat for Mohave County in 1871.
The still existing and being the oldest post office in Arizona was opened the same year.
The Santa Fe Railway served the town from 1898 to 1935.
The two richest mines in the area the Golanda and the Tennessee Silver Mine were forced to close in 1944, when they became uneconomic.
Chloride was destined to become a ghost town, but Chloride refused to die.
Today's residents of retirees and business owners want to preserve the past as part of the old west, with shops, arts and crafts studios and cafés.
The town is noted for the well preserved buildings like the old jail, Post Office, Jim Fritz Museum and the Chloride Volunteer Fire Department complete with its historic 1939 Ford Engine.
Chloride is a town with a colourful past that is looking towards the future. Today Chloride's offers clean air, friendly neighbours and old west charm There are performances from the "Immortal Gunfighters of Chloride" at 'high noon' on the first and third Saturdays of each month in Cyanide Springs, an old west town built by locals.
Following the gun battle, a vaudeville show begins in one of the town's buildings named the Melodrama Theatre.
The township enjoys a warm desert climate with a winter low temperature of 4.4C and a summer high 40.5C degrees.
Chloride's locally referred to as the "Gem of Cerbats" with clean air, friendly neighbours and old west charm.

Our tour bus to the Grand Canyon stopped at Chloride as one of the attraction of the trip.
As we were pre warned by our driver there was 'Bill' waiting for us with his 'nugget' of gold.
We all went inside the shop for the 'Restrooms' and refreshments, I ran around the place to snap some photos.
Cute place.
Remind me some of the old 'cowboy' movies I have seen.
Really looks as seen better days.
Talking about 'Nostalgia Merchants', looks as some people make a 'good living' out of it.

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Chloride Chloride Chloride Chloride
Chloride Chloride Chloride Chloride
Chloride Chloride Chloride Chloride
Chloride Chloride Chloride Chloride

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