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Buffalo in New York State, U.S. is a major inland port, rail junctions and important commercial, industrial centre.
and the western terminus of the New York State Barge Canal.
Buffalo was first settled in 1780 by the Seneca Indian tribe and was called Buffalo Creek after a nearby stream.
The name may be a corruption of beau fleuve, French for "beautiful river", or buffaloes may have used it as a watering hole.
Buffalo went through a rapid development after the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825, becoming a major distribution point between the East and America's western frontier.
The commissioning of the hydroelectric generators at Niagara Falls in the 1890s spurred further development and soon became the country's important flour-milling centre.
Industrial development of the city was accelerated by the construction of the St Lawrence Seaway and shipping activity after its completion in 1959.
The city's large harbour facilities, abundance of hydroelectric power from the nearby Niagara Falls and easy access to raw materials, like grains, coal, and iron ore helped Buffalo's continued flourishing as a leading flour-milling and car manufacturing centre.
The State University of New York is at Buffalo.
Some of the places of interest are the house where Theodore Roosevelt took the presidential oath, and the grave of Red Jacket, a leader of the Seneca tribe.
Presidents Millard Fillmore was a former resident as was Grover Cleveland who also served as mayor of the city.
The Buffalo Bills football team play at the Rich Stadium and the Buffalo Sabres ice hockey team plays at Memorial Auditorium.
Population about half million.

Very nice city.
Hui Chin and I enjoyed Buffalo very much.
I liked how a city can hang on or resurrect and glorify the old time trams or 'streetcars' as they are known in the States.
We couldn't resist having a few rides on it.
If I remember right it was free.
Or was it?
Or does it matter?
Our sightseeing was very educational, rewarding and enjoyable.
The neglect or dereliction on the fringes of Downtown especially the main road (You know what it is called, probably better than I do, I don't.) was a bit disappointing.
Next time I visit the city they will be all gone, replaced by nice 'skyscrapers', I suppose.

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Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

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