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Beverly Hills

Los Angeles, U.S.A.

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Beverly Hills is a one of world's most famous city within the city of Los Angeles, California, U.S. and the home of many film stars and many other wealthy people.
It is almost completely surrounded by the city of Los Angeles.
Beverly Hills is famous for its famous people, who live in spacious, expensive houses, shop in its famous Rodeo Drive stores.
There are many luxury hotels and large department stores.
Many doctors, lawyers, and business people have offices there.
Beverly Hills was founded in 1914 and quickly became a place of luxury.
The city law doesn't allow buildings more than four storeys high, to avoid urban overcrowding.
Over two hundred thousand people come to the city daily to work or shop.
Many tourist come from all over the world to shop and to see celebrities' houses in Beverly Hills.

Population is around 50,000.

Hui Chin and I walked along Hollywood Boulevard 'ogling' at the Chinese Theatre from cross the road and the many plagues on the foot path, when a lady offered us a sightseeing tour of Beverly Hills and the Stars abode.
I been on one of this before, but this time there were two 'Pommy' (English, to you) couples on board with us in the minivan and there loud comments and apparent over awedness made us giggle to ourselves all the time.
We did catch a glimpse of Peter Falk (Colombo) with his 'raincoat' slung over his shoulder, walking into his house.
Hui Chin is one of his ardent fans.

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Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Beverly Hills

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