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Cusco (Cuzco or Qusqu) 2009 E

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Cuzco, (3326m) was the ancient capital of the Inca empire from the 13th to the early 15th century and later rebuilt and enlarged by emperor Pachacuti.

The city, the oldest continuously inhabited place on the continent, was laid out in a regularly planned city wards representing all the provinces of the empire.

There was an inner city, including the Holy Place, (Huacapata), palaces, and administrative buildings, the Sunturhuasi tower in the square, and the Coricancha or Sun Temple.

In 1535, Francisco Pizarro a Spanish conquistador defeated the Incas, and established Lima as the viceregal capital of Peru.

Its mountain location was impractical to the Spaniards, who needed a large port city to bring European trade to their colonial possessions.

Cusco remained an important provincial governorship, however, and was still sacred to the Incas, who set up a successor state at Vilcabamba in the hills to the north.

They tried to recapture Cusco in 1538.

In 1572 the Incas were finally defeated.

Due to Cusco's central location in the Andes, and close vicinity to Machu Pichu, the Inca trail and Lake Titicaca attracts large number of visitors.

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