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West Indies

Jamaica is an island nation in the West Indies.
The name comes from an Arawak Indian word meaning "isle of springs."
Jamaica is in the Caribbean Sea, southeast of Cuba.
Jamaica has a rugged, mountainous terrain.
The island has a tropical climate and plant life.
Kingston is the capital.
Around 2 million people live in Jamaica most of them Negroes.
English is the official language.
In 1494 Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica on his second voyage to the New World.
Spanish people settled in the early 16th Century.
The native Indians died out soon because of hardship and forced labour and were replaced by slaves from Africa.
The English captured it in the 17th Century.
The Capital is Kingston.
Jamaica was prosperous during 18th and 19th Centuries because of a flourishing slave market and sugar and rum manufacturing.
Became independent in 1962.
Has some interesting history as a slave market and Pirates like Blackbird.
Recent claim to fame are Bob Marley and Rastafarianism.

After my trip around the U.S.A. in 1996, I spent a few days sightseeing around Kingston and Jamaica.

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Port Royal

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