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Chile facts and history in brief

Map of Santiago

Santiago is Chile's largest and capital City, with about 80% (more than 4 million) Chileans living in its metropolitan area.
Santiago was founded in 1551, burnt down by natives six months later, to be rebuilt soon afterwards and has been the principal settlement and capital since.
Santiago have many modern skyscrapers in busy commercial districts and many Spanish-style buildings with red tile roofs and patios.
Monuments and public buildings border tree-lined streets, with many parks, gardens, and large plazas.
The city receives a total of about 35 centimetres of rain annually.
Temperatures average about 20 C in January and about 9 C in July.

Hui Chin and I enjoyed Santiago very much.
The cheapest and easiest way to get to the City Centre from the Airport is by "Turbus o Centropuerto".
There are many very affordable and comfortable Hotels around here.
Buses and the Metro are inexpensive and frequent covering the metropolitan area well.
Above Santiago on top of San Cristobal Hill is the beautiful Statue of the Virgin Mary, with her arms open to the city at her feet.
There are many attractions on these hills, including a funicular, swimming pools and a zoo.
The city centre spread along the Avenida Libertador, with the Government, business, banking centres alternating along its length.
The many interesting places include the Santa Lucia (Cerro Santa Lucia) Hill, Plaza de Armas, (A wide square with many statues) Ahumada Passage (Paseo Ahumada) a long established pedestrian mall), the old Cathedral (1780), Supreme, Court, Coloured House, (Casa Colorado), Presidential Palace, Diego Portales, and many churches, museums and other attractions.

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Santiago Santiago Santiago Santiago
Santiago Santiago Santiago Santiago
Santiago Santiago Santiago Santiago

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