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Papeete 1996 & 2002 photos

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Papeete, French Polynesia's (an overseas territory of France consisting of some 100 islands), capital and the territory's largest city, largest settlement and principal port, located on the north-west coast of the island of Tahiti, in the South Pacific Ocean.
It has an excellent harbour and a modern airport and is an important stop for Pacific shipping and aviation.
Exports include copra, mother-of-pearl, and vanilla.
Papeete is also the base for a thriving tourist industry.
Many Tahitians live in or near Papeete and work in the tourist industry, which is the base of the island's economy.
A port of call for whaling vessels by the early 19th century, Papeete was annexed by the French in 1880.

Population about 30,000.


In 1996 on my way to the U.S.A. I stopped over in Tahiti for a few days.

I had a bad cold on arrival and the heat was depressing, I did not enjoy myself as much as I was hoping to, because my bad cold and feverish state.

Papeete and the nearby islands are really a tourist paradise.


Hui Chin and I caught the local bus (Le truck, a truck with a box on the deck with sitting on either side.
You have to walk around in it stooped, not high enough for my 5'8", to stand up straight), just outside the Airport to go to Downtown Papeete.
Much cheaper than Taxis and suited our limited budget.
We have had some problem with the heat, but it was just bearable.
We had to make a few forced stops at bars, but Papeete is rather expensive, including beer.
(Most of the locals live off the tourists and they will relieve as much of your money as they can, while you are there.)
A Chinese Navy ship was visiting town while we were there. We went to see some of the ceremonies.
Our Hotel, the "Prince Hinoi" is in the centre of Downtown overlooking the beach and reasonably priced.
The proprietors also have some New Zealand connection as some of the family members were educated in New Zealand.
We went on a 4-wheel drive sightseeing tour of Papeete and Tahiti, (with Adventure Eagle Tours, ph. 77-20-03, a bit expensive, but we diid get what we were promised, and we did see what was there to see).
We went to all the sights in Papeete first, like the Market, Cathedral, driven past some famous peoples homes (Film stars, etc.), than anti-clockwise we travelled around the island stopping at all the attractions, like the fascinating Lagoonarium, Blowholes, "Taharaa" Look Out Point, One tree Hill, the historical site of Point Venus (The landing site for the first European), Cook’s Monument, the beautiful natural site of the Maraa Fern Grottoes, where overhead springs drip through a ceiling of ferns and caves, Vaim Pools, Gauguin’s former homesite, the "Vaimauta Waterfalls, the Gauguin Museum and Restaurant, Matavai Bay, and a tipical Tahitian beautiful sunset before we returned to our hotel.

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Papeete Papeete Papeete Papeete


Papeete Papeete Papeete Papeete
Papeete Papeete Papeete Papeete

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