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South Island

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Captain Arthur Wakefield and the New Zealand Company were the first European settlers in 1841 and named it after Admiral Lord Nelson, with the population of around 50.000 people, on the northern shores of the South Island.
The area has been long settled and fought over by a succession of Maori tribes of the North and South Islands.
The Ngati Toa people led by chief, Te Rauparaha won land rights by conquest to the region about 20 years before the arrival of the European settlers.
Te Rauparaha sold the site of Nelson, but the rapid expansion of the settlements brought about the Wairau Affray in 1843, and Wakefield and some of his followers were killed by Te Rauparaha and Te Rangihaeata and slow down further settlements until gold was found at Collingwood in 1857.
In 1858 Queen Victoria ordained Nelson a bishop's see and constituted it a city.
The district has mild weather and high number of hours of sunshine per annum.
Local products include hops, tobacco, pip and berry fruits and vegetables for processing.
There are also coal, dolomite, magnesite, asbestos, serpentine, uranium and marble from the Takaka Hills.
In recent years it is known for its artists and writers colonies because the region's isolation and slower pace of life.

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Nelson Nelson

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