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North Island

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in Hawke Bay, is one of the larger city in New Zealand, with a population of around 60,000.
Hastings its 'twin' city with good port facilities making it an important service centre for the Hawke's Bay province.
Whalers were the first European visitors to the Ahuriri area in the 1830s and 1840s.
William Colenso set up a mission station in 1844, more settlers arrived in the early 1850s.
In 1858, Ahuriri became the Hawke's Bay provincial capital.
In 1874, Napier became a borough and a city in 1950.
Napier is an historic city and well known for its warm and sunny climate.
The 1931 Napier earthquake was one of New Zealand's worst disasters.
It struck the city and the region on the 3 February, destroying the town, damaging Hastings and many nearby settlements.
The death toll in the quake and the following fire was 161 in Napier and damage was estimated at £5 million.
Aftershocks continued for ten days, many of them as strong as the first shock.
The city was rebuilt and now is known as the best example of 'Art deco' architecture in the country.

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Napier Napier

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