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Taranaki/Mt Egmont

(The Maori name, Taranaki, stands for 'barren') is a 2518 metres high mountain in the Taranaki region.
It's beautiful conical shape dominates the Taranaki landscape.
One of the Maori legends tells how Egmont was cast out from the Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngauruhoe mountains in central North Island after a fight for the beautiful Mount Pihanga.
The 33,543 ha. Egmont National Park, established in 1900, is shaped like a nine kilometres of large circle extending to an altitude of 360 m.
The first Europeans to reach the summit were Ernst Dieffenbach, a German naturalist and James Heberley, a whaler.
The mountain was named by James Cook in 1770, after the second Earl of Egmont, a former First Lord of the Admiralty.
Recently the Maori name, Taranaki was reinstated as an option.
There are snowfields and camping facilities and cabins for climbers and one of the main attractions is the Dawson Falls, 900 metres up the southeastern side of the mountain.

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Taranaki-Mt Egmont

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