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Aoraki-Mt Cook

South Island

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Aoraki-Mount Cook

is in the Mount Cook National Park, at 3753 metres is New Zealand's highest mountain.
In 1991 10.5 metres fell off the top because the failure of the underlying bedrock, causing an avalanche of rock, snow and ice.
The Hooker Glacier runs on the west side and the Tasman Glacier on the east side of the ridge.
Mount Cook was first conquered on Christmas Day, 1894, by George Graham, Thomas Fyfe and Jack Clarke, from the Hooker Glacier.
There are a number of climbing routes but the most popular is up the north-east face, a route from the south gives climbers a chance to traverse the three peaks.
It was named after James Cook, by Captain J.L. Stokes, of the survey ship, Acheron.
The Maori name is Aorangi or Aoraki, which used now days.
The 69 958 ha Mount Cook National Park, established in 1953, has 19 peaks higher than 3000 metres and five major glaciers Tasman (The largest glaciers in the world outside the polar regions, 29 kilometres long and up to nine kilometres wide.
The Mount Cook lily, grows in abundance in the park with the snow gentian and the flowering mountain ribbonwood.
The world famous Mount Cook Hotel is 747 metres up on the slopes of the Hooker Valley.

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Aoraki-Mt Cook Aoraki-Mt Cook Aoraki-Mt Cook Aoraki-Mt Cook
Aoraki-Mt Cook Aoraki-Mt Cook Aoraki-Mt Cook Aoraki-Mt Cook

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