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Me in a Lions Club

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Me in a Lions Club

In 1970 I joined the locally forming Ponsonby Herne Bay Lions Club.
At the time I had a Photographic business in Three Lamps, Ponsonby, Auckland.
I thoroughly enjoyed my twelve years plus in the Lions Club for the satisfaction of the charitable work, projects we did for many individuals and the wider community.
I've also greatly enjoyed the camaraderie with my fellow club members and other Lions I met.
Over the years I travelled and visited many clubs, met and made many good friends.
In 1979 I was elected President.
It was one of the high points of my life.

New Zealanders and Aucklanders especially like to play with, on, in and under water, we have plenty all around us.
(We did win and hang on to the America's Cup, the yachting world's top honour, for a few years, as you well know.)
Many in our club had their own boats of one kind or other.
To cut a long story short, I enjoyed the privilege of being invited a few times on board a large, 75 ft sailing boat (Rambler?) for few weeks of cruising around a few times, with a number of club members.
Although I couldn't swim - and everybody onboard taken this very seriously, - I had a tremendously good time and enjoyed the unforgettable experiences.
Some of the photos on this page were taken during those trips.

You can click on these photos for an enlargement.

As President
handing out well
deserved prizes
At the helm
of the Rambler
The Rambler Our 'Galley Chef'
Rambler & Co. Prize giving time 'Coal sale' 'Old folks' picnic on
Kawau Island
Clearing a section Beach clean up Lions Fair Moving house

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