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Republic of the Great Barrier Island

Hauraki Gulf

Flag of the Republic of Great Barrier Islands

Great Barrier Island
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Great Barrier Island (often colloquially just The Barrier) is a large island off New Zealand, situated 100 km to the north-east of central Auckland in the outer Hauraki Gulf.
With an area of 285 km² it is the fourth-largest island of New Zealand's main chain of islands, with its highest point, Mount Hobson, rising 621 m.

With a maximum length (north-south) of some 43 km, it (and the Coromandel Peninsula directly to its south) protect the gulf from the storms of the Pacific Ocean to the east with highly contrasting coastal environments.
The eastern coast comprises long, clear beaches, windswept sand-dunes, and heavy surf.
While the western coast, sheltered and calm, is home to hundreds of tiny, secluded bays which offer some of the best diving and boating in the country.
The inland holds several large and biologically diverse wetlands as well as rugged and hillcountry (bush or heath in the more exposed heights) as well as various second and old-growth kauri forests.

Great Barrier Island in 2006 had a permanent population of around 850, primarily in coastal settlements such as Tryphena, the largest settlement in Tryphena Harbour at the southern end of the island.
Other communities are Okupu, Whangaparapara, Port Fitzroy, Claris and Kaitoke.
There is no central power on the island, and houses require their own generators.
There is also extensive use of solar water heating, solar panels for electricity and wind-powered generators on the island.

From the end of February 2007, the island was seen around the world as the setting for the BBC One reality show, Castaway, which was filmed there for three months.

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This information was correct in December 2008. E. & O.E.

Now hear these!!!

Listen up! These is all good bull!!!

Me and me missus had a few days to spare back in late November 2008, so we booked a flight and some suitable accomodation on Great Barrier Island.
Somehow the local independence movement, the GBIIM (Great Barrier Island Independence Movement, colloquially just Gebem) got a whiff of our imminent arrival and in their wisdom decided that I could be a good President (I did have some experience after all in a Lion's Club), and our arrival would be as good time as any to unilaterally declare the Great Barrier Islands' independence and to become a republic.

For decades the colonial powers exploited the islands' natural resources, it's indigenous kauri forest, gold etc.

Once all the resources were taken away and exhausted, the islands were left with declining population and without it's natural resources to tend for itself, the best way it can.

Three cheers for independence and freedom from the colonial yoke!!!

My first thing to do, after a rapturous welcome from a large number (Throng) of people (In Great Barrier Island terms of course) on our arrival to name some of my Ministers and send a 'Pidgin Post' to the United Nation's H.Q. in New York to apply for our immediate membership.

My minister of Housing, Island Affairs, and Internal Affairs is my host Mr X X (Name suppressed on legal undergrounds).

Minister of Transport etc. etc., the nice lady from the Rental Car firm, Mrs X X (Whose name also suppressed on legal undergrounds By the way they are not related far as I know).

God Bless Great Barrier Islands and everybody that ever set foot on it!!!

I also decreed a few important laws, that will apply immediately or forthwith which ever have precedence or natural hierarchy.

1. There's one God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Who will rule over and will be adored on Great Barrier Islands. This is Divine or Eternal Law.

2. The Law of Gravity will prevail. Anybody who breaks this law will disappear without a trace, immediately.

3. The Sun, wind, and rain (Colloquially known as whether) will remain as usual, mainly unpredictable.

4. The Brown Teal and all their families will have right of way anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

5. The 'Positive Law' will not be negated, not under my watch.

6. The Law of Socrates will remain undisturbed (I like this fellow, did he have a law? Let me know. Huh?>

7. The Law of Plato will remain undisturbed too (I like this fellow too, did he have a law? Let me know. Huh?>

8. The Law of Aristotle will remain undisturbed too (I like him too, did he have a law? Let me know. Huh?>

8. The Law of Thomas Aquinas will remain undisturbed also (Yeah! I like him too, did he have a law? Let me know. Huh?>

10. The Law of Isaac Newton will remain undisturbed also (Yeah! I like him too, did he have a law? Let me know. Huh?>

11. The Law (or theory) of Albert Einstein's 'relativity' will remain undisturbed also (Yeah! I like him too, did he have a law? Let me know. Huh?>

12. The Law of Albert Einstein's 'photoelectric effect' will remain undisturbed also (Yeah! I like him too, did he have a law? Let me know. Huh?>

13. The "ninth" Law is that every man acknowledge another for his equal by nature. The breach of this precept is pride. (Thomas Hobbes)

14. ..... and the others will come as I dream them up.

N.B. I invited all eminent people of the past and present (Ah' ah are there any at present, present company not included) to set up round table body to bounce things round between them.
My offer also included a holiday home in perpetuity for all of them on our island paradise. (our island practically sank under the weight of the overwhelming collection of I.Q.s.

Now you see!! That wasn't that hard to come up with.

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