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North Island

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is a city and port of the East Coast region, north of with about 35.000 people.
With mountain ranges on three sides, Gisborne is a rather isolated city, with rich soils and mild sunny climate and is well suited for vegetable and fruit-growing.
The nearby 'Young Nick's Head' refers to Nicholas Young, the first member of the crew on the Endeavour to sight New Zealand on 7 October 1769.
Two days later, on the 9th October 1769 Captain Cook and some of the crew from the Endeavour set foot on land.
Gisborne services the surrounding area's sheep, dairying and cropping farms.
Due to the the favourable climate, the rich soils and abundant marine life the region was populated by the Maori people before the European settlement.
The Poverty Bay's name was given to the area by Cook for not being able to trade with the local Maoris to replenish his food and water supplies.
European settlement started around May 1831, and the town was named after Sir William Gisborne a Colonial Secretary.
Gisborne was made a borough in 1877 and a city in 1955.

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